The Audition Everyone’s Waiting for is HERE!!!

The AUDITION everyone’s waiting for is here!

We are inviting all our students to come and take a shot to be the 3rd batch of our Hark Performing Team (a.k.a. HPT)
If you are an aspiring performer, this is definitely for you!

Not only will you gain many performing experiences, you will also be the privileged few to go though the “3-month Cycle Skills Improvement Programme” to heighten your performing skills!

The 3-month Skills Improvement Programme includes:
– Weekly Practice and Performances
– Monthly Follow-up Session by Music Director
– Quarterly Music Workshop
– Quarterly Evaluation and Grading

In case, you are wondering….. it is all at no additional fees or whatever so~!
Isn’t that great? *claps * claps * claps *

Our previous HPT performers have since performed at library@esplande, Queenstown National Library, Marina Square CentreStage and staging their own themed-concert at Hark Music…. and most important of all, they have all shown great improvement in their music skills!

We have more to come.
Do you want to be a part of them?

Audition Details:
Date: 21 March (Saturday)
Time: 3.30pm

What do you need to prepare?
To present a song (Chinese or English) in acapella (without background music)

To present 1 song (with or without singing)

And yes, all Hark Students (Active, non-active, Alumni) are welcome!!!

To register, email us your Full Name & Contact Number to

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