: The 2nd Show (16th Mar 08)

The Actual Competition: Round 2

In this round, all the Real Singers will be singing Chinese golden oldies with a twist – They will modernise them with current pop styles! Hence, the audiences will be treated to a whole new listening experience.
Adding the excitement to the contest, a 加分题 (Bonus round) is instilled. All Real Singers will have to choose a special item( 才艺表演) to perform aside from singing.

For the judges of the night, we have Xin Yun, Philip Lim (both Hark Music Vocal Instructors) and 4 other judges from the crowd to decide the winner!

Hmm…Why are there “4 other judges from the crowd”? (you must be wondering..)
That is because, to add on to the excitement, in each PK Set, we will invite a volunteer from the audience to come out and be one of the judges! Exciting right?
So if you feel like being one of the judges… do drop by, for all you know, you will be one of them occupying the “HOT” seat!!

Alright, let’s continue…
In this PK rounds, the host will first pick a name from a big red box, and the contestant picked will draw out his challenger/comrade’s name from the box.

The PK rounds that night were:

PK Set 1

邓丽君 – 月亮代表我的心 (R&B style) VS 潘秀琼 – 情人的眼泪 (R&B style)

A tight tug between this 2 young boys doing the oldies in their usual R&B way.
Perhaps they can’t really connect with these oldies…judges commented that there was no connection between them & the songs.. Is ok guys, you always pick up a thing or two from these experience judges!!

Bonus Round:
Aaron, with zero to little dancing background, has decided to risk it all for the competition. He danced to a high tempo number by 罗志祥’- 精舞门. Commendable courage for Aaron!!
Leonard strummed and sing to Mayday’s(五月天) 温柔. Didn’t know he actually play so well on guitar. These people are so talented!!

Result : Leonard managed to edge past Aaron. Aaron dropped into “Danger Zone”

PK Set 2

崔萍 – 今宵多珍重 (Jazz style) VS 邓丽君 – 海韵 (Rock style)

Tat Sin in his usual self, displaying a goody boy image on stage. Would be good if he be more natural on stage. Jiayou!!
Cherry chose to sing海韵 (Rock style ) selected by her mum!! Haha, Filial daughter isn’t it?? She managed to dance a little with the rock song… Good if she can enhanced the song better with stronger body language. Nevertheless, after 4 singers’s performance, they have done much better than the 1st week!! 辛苦你们了!

Bonus Round:
Tat Sin overwhelmed the crowd with his keyboard and vocal presentation of Penny Dai’s(戴佩妮) Amen; and Cherry impressed all with her own composition (which is also an award-winning song in another song composing competition)

It was a tie when result was announced. So judges decided to have them to sing for another 15 seconds each, in acapella.
Luck was with Tat Sin, he grabbed 2 votes out of 3 from the judges.

WINNER: Tat Sin!

PK Set 3
In this round, the external challenger ALEX TAN was introduced. And he drew out…

Ting Ting!
(I can hear visible ‘phews’ from the contestants when this was revealed)


张学友 – (Rock style) VS 陈淑桦 – 梦醒时分 (Rock Swing)

Wasted if you missed the show.. It was probably the climax of the show. Alex’s version of 吻别 showed the rest of the contestants what it takes to be a challenger. He wooed the crowd with overall display. .stage…vocal…etc

Ting Ting, another strong contender took on Alex with 梦醒时分 (Jazz style) She did not disappointed her supporters with her Jazz version too!!

Think the judges must be sweating over who to choose as winner for this PK set.

Bonus Round:
Both chose to飙高音! And they really HIT VERY VERY HIGH PITCH! And the crowd also gets very HIGH! Alex using 实音 hitting higher than the sky while Ting Ting chose to pitch herself the highest note with head voice (头音) She rocked the house!! They both sang +5,+6 keys above originals!!! OMG~~~

WINNER: Ting Ting scrapped through. Phew!! what a close one!!

P.S: Alex lost by a high high score of 27 out of 30!!!! All the other singers’ score did not even come close…Ting Ting was just 1 point more of it. Thus, at the end of the show, after the judges’ deliberation, and responses from the audience, an invitation was given to Alex to return to the competition, for another PK challenge next week. A loud, shouting wave must have prompted him to say ‘YES!’ as another week’s challenger again!

Let’s 期待 on his performance this sunday!

[See the previous post for this exciting challenge video!]

PK Round 4

苏芮 – 酒干倘卖无 (Rock style) VS 黄品源 – 你怎麼舍得我难过 (Rock style)

Kenneth did a hit song 酒干倘卖无, a popular song in the early 80s…think he was still a baby then!! Judges commented that his low notes were not clear enough. Hear that Kenneth??
Yingzhi lined up 你怎麼舍得我难过 for her challenge. She managed to sum up the song without much difficulties but judges felt that she lacks punches & groove for a rock number.. too ballad way of singing I supposed.

Bonus Round:
Both astounded the crowd with their very own compositions!
To be fair, both of them did better in Bonus round when their vocals were clearly heard.
Think gotta work more on vocal projection.. hehe, just my 2 cents worth.

WINNER: Kenneth!

…..Elimination Time

At the very end, the judges made a painstaking decision. Out of the 4 “losers”in the“ Danger Zone “and decided to eliminate …

Aaron Yap.

Nevertheless, applause to Aaron for his commendable efforts! Surely he will do better in future after all these valuable experience gained.

Gosh…… this contest is getting more & more exciting with all the good singers being eliminated week by week…adding to some external challenger…

So what are you waiting for now?

Come on down to Lunar this coming Sunday (23 Mar) and catch our contestants and PK Challengers performing live at Lunar Asian Fusion Bar ( Clarke Quay ) starting 8.30pm!


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