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It’s so nice to receive such assuring comments from our students! ­čÖé

Loh Siew Yong, Vocal Student
” I have enjoyed singing since young and soon realised that singing is more than just having a nice voice. That was when I decided to join Hark Music to learn proper singing techniques. Though I am taking group lessons, the instructors here recognise that every student is unique and they always take time to address each individual’s problems. They are always willing to help us to improve. Being a student performer in the Hark Music Performing Team, I also get to apply what I have learnt in the classroom to real life stage performances. I constantly learn new things after every lesson and performance, which has allowed me to benefit tremendously since I joined Hark Music. “

Cedric Tay, Vocal & Pop Piano Student
” Not only is Hark Music a fun place for me to develop my music interests, it also provides a dynamic and effective method in teaching its students. The programs and sessions offered also seek to help students gain much needed performing experience. Such a system and program definitely gives all Hark Music students a real headstart!”

Ezekiel – Vocal Student
” I was an individual with no prior vocal experience but a heart to back it up. I looked through various brochures of music centres for vocal lessons or training. When I chanced upon Hark MusicÔÇÖs pamphlet, one sentence caught my eye. ÔÇśYou need not possess a good voice to sing well. But you need exposure and guidance to discover your true capabilities.ÔÇÖ It was through this that commenced my vocal journey in Hark Music. On my introductory lesson I was introduced to my instructor, Alex Tan, who was very understanding and helpful in pursuing my musical goal. As I progressed and improved vocally during the lessons through AlexÔÇÖs guidance, we became good friends and he helped me with musical problems outside the classroom through some of his experience. All in all, I felt I was more motivated to pursue my passion further and make an impression to my fellow peers through Hark Music. “

Jack Lin Chi Cheng – Vocal & Guitar Student
” No amount of words can truly describe my experience at Hark Music. In my 2 years of Vocal and Guitar lessons with Hark Music, I have been fortunate to be under the tutelage of passionate instructors who not only teach us how to learn effectively, but also responsibly. This has been a useful asset that I am able to apply to my work and many aspects of life. “

Jinghui, Vocal & Pop Piano Student
” IÔÇÖve been with Hark Music for about 2 years. Their friendly and approachable staff plus the warm and conducive environment makes music-learning a whole new experience for me. I look forward to classes every week. People from all walks of life, with the same passion and dreams of music gather here. Definitely, IÔÇÖve made many friends during my stay. The patience, motivation, encouragement and guidance from the instructors make it an enriching and enjoyable musical journey throughout. They are always there to guide us along. What’s more wonderful is the availability of the performing studio for us to experience the stage feel as part of the learning process and the opportunity to perform with audiences. Thank you Hark Music for all these extra benefits which enhance the passion in us to strive harder in music.”

Liting, Vocal Student
” I was really excited when after months of procrastination, I finally signed up with Hark Music. And I am glad I did.Not only are the staff friendly, my vocal coach is also thorough and patient in her classes.I can go on and on but the bottom line goes:Here is what Quality is really about. I’m happy to be part of Hark Music and will never hesitate to bring my friends down!Thank you Hark music!!!!!! “

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