Some blabbers…

Oh yes, busy, busy week for us!

Let me blabber a little on this past week’s work.

Last Saturday, we held our Finals for the 实在歌手PK Challenge!
We were all busy preparing and rehearsing with the songs, the hosts, and of course coordination.

During the night…
Four finalists belted out their finest. What I initially thought as the final 2 did not happen…one dark horse shone through!

50% of the score comes from judges, another from the audience voting.
The audience voting section was pretty fun! We were all given a ball, and we tossed them into a basket placed in front of the singers… Wow, I didn’t know that Singaporeans can be so ‘pro-active’…everyone were eager to walk to the front of the stage, get the balls, and gave it to their favourite singer.

The final 2 singers emerged after a consolidation of score! Teng Teng and Kenneth!

In the first round, Teng Teng sang Bad Boy, and Kenneth sang 你把我灌醉.
All 4 singers also did a round of duets with Lunar singers – 珊瑚海,制造浪漫,明天你要嫁给我,etc, before the final 2 did a final PK between each other. And the result was based solely on audience voting.
Oh, atmosphere was all-time high!

I am still waiting for the photos to be passed to me…I shall not reveal the winner now till I post the photos… though I might have guessed that many of you may have already knew the results. Oh well, but anyway… 🙂

An Unbeatable Promotion

And yes, this week, we had launched a big-time promotion this week!
It only runs 1 week! 50% off your course fees!!!

Great savings! For those who are thinking to take up some enrichment courses, it’s a good deal not to be missed. This promotion ends coming Thursday – 15 May 2008.

Many of our current students also took good chance of this promotion to sign up for another course they wish to take up after their graduation of current course!
Yes, I say they are smart, ‘cause, doing your math tells you – it can be savings up to $80!!!


That’s all from me now! Gonna do some work now and not blog for too long.
I hope to give you people more updates soon!

**Oh yes, 1 more piece of news…**

Our Hark Performing Team will be performing on 30 May (FRI) at 8pm this month.
After the workshop on 20 April, which our directors shared and performed on all the performing do and don’t, tips and tricks, it’s now time for them to present what they have learnt and for us to gauge if they have put them to good use!

Mark this date down. Our practice rooms are constantly fully-booked by them, cause they are practicing really hard for this performance. Give them your support.
If you have the time on 30 May (FRI), come down for their mini-concert!

Till my next entry, take care, friends!

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