Singing was never on beat!

Months ago, Evelyn was not able to sing on beat due to her poor rhythmic sense. But now she is finally able! 

Her music sense after attending singing lessons has improved and now she is able to fully express her feelings when she sings without having to worry if she is on beat.   

Find out how she did it through this interview with her!

1) Why did you choose to learn this particular instrument?

Singing has always been my passion since young. However, I did not have time to learn to sing in the proper way. I now have more interests in singing since joining Hark Music.
2) What is your musical dream?
My musical dream is to sing with more emotion and confidence during joyful events like friend gatherings and company events.
3) Did you have any prior musical background?
4) Why did you choose to learn at Hark Music?
I was looking for a musical school and I came across Hark Music. I find Hark Music as a warm and conducive learning environment.
5) What has been your prominent musical breakthrough so far?
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Leonard, my Vocal coach. Without his guidance and advice, I would not have any prominent musical breakthrough. 

My weakness was my rhythmic sense. I just wasn’t able to sing on beat. Initially, I would sing the song without listening to the music. But now, I make it common practice to pay attention to the music and now after much practice, I am able to sing without much worry of being off beat! 
6) How have you benefited since learning at Hark Music?
Since I have overcame this roadblock, I can truly say, singing is a breeze. Singing has become part of my life. I sing almost everyday. Singing brings joys to my life and now I have become a much happier person. 

7) Has anyone criticized your choice in learning music as an impractical decision? 
My family used to criticize my singing when I practice at home. Now, I don’t have to shut my room door. I can practice freely at home. From their reaction, I am quite sure my singing has improved.
8) Has any of your friends realized your musical breakthroughs and complimented you? How did you feel?
My friends noticed that I am now able to achieve a more stable tone when I sing. They also do commented that I have a more powerful voice now! I am glad that my friends have realized the improvement in my singing.

9) What do you enjoy most about being a part of Hark Music’s family?
Walking into Hark Music is like walking into my own home. The approachable staff are always welcoming when I enter the school. On top of that, my vocal coach, Leonard is always cheerful when he walks into the classroom. The friendly ambience makes the singing lesson so enjoyable.

10) What would you like to share with others?
Hark Music is the place where I realized my potential in singing. Looking back, I was the new kid of the block. Now, I can sing with freedom. Moving forward, I am glad I have found the right place to continue my singing journey.

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