Singing Competition: 1st Prelim Round & Crazy Photo Taking session!

This is going to quite a long post…..make sure you have about 10 mins to spare oohhh….

Oh…What’s the picture about?

Wooooo…judges deciding…..There are some mixed views on some contestants among the judges yesterday night for our very first Preliminary Round.

But nevertheless, of course, after counting the audiences’ votes, we still have to announce the results.

There’s how it goes…..for the judging:

60% by Judges’ Score:
They will score based on Singing Quality, Techniques, Stage Presence, and a 30 secs Self-Intro

40% by Audiences Voting:
All audiences have to vote for 3 of their favourite contestants. Any more, any less, the voting form will be considered void. (No crosses hor….this is not Live! 比一比…)

So, this is how the Prelim Result Results will be like:

Every round we will annouced 5 confirmed names to progress to the next round – QuarterFinals.

There will be 2 pending names to be tabulated with another 2 pending names from another round according to their scores. (Prelim Round 1 & 2’s pending names will be tabulated; same goes for Prelim Round 3 & 4; Prelim Round 5 & 6)

From the 4 pending contestants, 2 will be chosen to proceed to the next round. They will be informed through phone on their entry to Quarter Finals!

So what happened during the night???? ================================

Performing Studio @ HARK was pretty packed….

Contestants are to be waiting at the back-stage area for their turn to sing…. Woh..woh…very nervous oooohhhh…..

Some contestants who were arranged on the second half of the competition gathered around the LCD TV at our reception counter to catch the ‘happenings’!

Students who just ended their lessons came down to catch some glimpse of what’s happening inside the Performing Studio too!!!

Here’s some photo galore~~~

Woah~~ It’s like watching some ‘LIVE’ telecast!

Woah woah…Judges sitting just right in front of the audience?!?!?
Eh…isn’t that DANGEROUS!? Er…….

Here is Junxuan(one of the contestant), together with Vynson and Elyse..
Oohh..Why is all faces so glommy and solemn?? Judges might be said something negative..and they don’t agree!!…HAHAAA!! Look at Elyse’s expression! She says it all!

Another contestant, Yew Wen, waiting at the back stage area, waiting for his turn to perform. Very nervous, hor?? Okok…better don’t disturb him..


Weiliang, another contestant of the night. He looks perfectly confident.. I do think he sings pretty well that night…but seems like he didn’t able to bring out his personality well that night. In his 30secs self-intro, he probably seems a little too over-confident….Work on that, dude! I do think you can sing! 🙂


Elaine, probably one of the youngest contestant of the night. Being only about 17 yrs old, she’s good in her stage presence and have a good composure. However, she gonna work a little more on her vocal skills! That night, her CD skipped thus she was placed last to sing as we gonna solve the problem..I think that more of less affected her mood. :((

Bernice, another sweet girl who got quite a good voice..but lacks a little in projection..

She sure got quite a number of supporters and they screamed everytime she went on stage or when her name was mentioned!

2 suave guys in the waiting room….Zhenzhou and Aaron! Nice smiles guys!

Zhenzhou, very 深情的演出! I think many girls were smitten!
Here, we have all the friends, audiences photos!

These were the very front row audience! (Yeah…they are the one sitting just behind the judges… ;P)

Jun xuan and friends!


Jolene and Daisy, Zhenzhou’s supporters…..Jolene can sure screamed, manz……
She screamed real loud for Zhenzhou!!! Got Xinyun a real fright! (XY was just sitting next to her..) By the way, there were also 2 other contestants who got into the Prelim Rounds too…Look out for the performances, ba!

Yew Wen and Sophia…Sophia is also another contestant who qualify for the Prelim Round!

Ooh…our cafe’s regular…Great to see them again!

Peter and Wendy! (Hey, what’s that face for, Peter?)

Tat Sin and Ruth (one of the night’s contestant)..
Eh…sama sama…..Tat Sin is also another contestant who qualify to the Prelim Round..

Ahh…seems like everyone’s here to ‘kua teoh’ (hokkien for look around; recee or 看场)

3 pretty girls!!!! Yvonne, Elaine, Bernice! 加油!

Our Show’s Official – Lee Yen; Our Music Instructor: Alex!

They just wanna have a place in our BLOG!! Wah Hahahaa….

Wah…Alex why so much 亲热 with Yvonne compared to Lee Yen?????
OhOhOH……..many of you may not know, it was actually our Yvonne Teo last day on 8 June at Hark Music. She’s going to be a ‘TAI TAI’!!!! 😛
Those who missed her….don’t worry…she will be back to work when she’s ‘bored’ as part-time…
Harkees, from cafe, school…(You can see Youwei, cafe manager) were there as well for the gathering…
We all celebrated her farewell at the Japanese Restaurant opposite after the show…and then headed for KARAOKE session at KBOX!!!
So, farewell definitely comes with some photo-taking…right???
Some stupid idea we have for the photo-taking session!
We were instructed to take 4 photos – 喜。怒。哀。乐。

From these photos, we can see some are not cooperative….didn’t follow instructions. Hmph!
You guys go spot them and MARK THEM DOWN!!!! Hahaa….!
So…actually whose’s STUPID idea is this!?!?!?!

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