Semifinal, Quarterfinal 3 photos, Grand-Finalists Namelist!

Last weekend’s semifinals was great!
It has been some time since we enjoyed the atmosphere, the thumping drum beats of live band!

Some contestants commented that it was fun, and ‘enriching’ to perform with a live band!
Yea, that’s right, man! That’s why our music cafe was sooo popular, with our live band karaoke concept! 🙂

Some of the contestants may feel that they are not used to coordinating with live band, as the acoustic sound comes right from their ‘back of the ears’ (the musicians were arranged around the singers)..
Well, this is how you can be ‘part of the sound’, and not ‘out of the sound’. Haha…understand?

Anyway, it was an eye-opening experience for all!

APpLaUse! ApplaUsE! For the singers, for the BAND!

Coming Finals on 24 August (FRI), we present the same group of HARK’s superband!

Will edit and post the photos of the Semifinals 1 and 2 very soonz….!

Meanwhile now, enjoy the photos from Quarterfinal 3.

Some contestants from QF3 taking photos together…
(From left: Toon Jong, Joh, Anthea, Leonard, Juwind)

First singer for the night: Joh Teo.
She sang 路.

She did a MV dance for her 加分题. She danced along with Jolin’s Mr. Q. Quite impressive, given her shy personality on stage. It was a ‘stunt’ unexpected from her.
Judges’ comments was good for her 加分题, though her stage outfit didn’t quite fit the song. (Probably, she should’ve chosen something brighter…)
Her vocal projection can be improved though she managed to deliver her chosen song relatively well.

Next up: Juwind sang 很好.

She performed a self-written piece for the 加分题.

Her chosen song was properly delivered though it did not show much on her vocals. Had a strong 孙燕资的影子 in the song. Her previous round rendition of 你要的爱 was better. Her 加分题没有加到分… 🙁 Cause, she could not deliver her song in complete. It was properly due to her maiden performance in guitar playing. She met with quite a number of hiccups while performing… Nevertheless, it was a good experience on stage for her guitar playing.. Keep it up, Juwind. You can do it next time! Practice more on your guitar skills and try it out on stage again next time!

Leonard: He sang 其实还爱你

Creatively, he prepared a music skritch, which comprises of impersonation in singing, imitating MRT Announcement Message, 胃仙you‘s (sorry, I don’t know which ‘you’ is that..:P) advertisement voice-overs… (Haha…wait till the video is out, you will know what I’m saying)

Here, he performed a song – 千里之外, impersonating 沸玉清 and Jay Chou.
Though it wasn’t really 很像…but it drew many laughters. You will feel impressed by his ability to imitate people’s voices, be it talking or singing.. Still havn’t got a clue to what I’m driving at?? Ok, wait for his VIDEO!

Anthea sang 心动.

加分题:She performed 心动 with our familiar instrument during our primary days..The Recorder!
Due to the lack of stage experience, her performance was not very polished. Her voice was shaky through out the song. We know she can do better, as she has been a very hard working student who came at least once weekly to book our practice room, to practice on this chosen song, specially for this competition. We heard her singing in the practice room which was much better than what she delivered that night. Anyway, this is all part of learning. Just don’t give up, work harder, and try to find as many opportunities to perform, to hone your skills! 加油!

Toon Jong sang 我爱夏天. Very entertaining rendition!
He danced, he jumped, he showed many body language to bring out the song’s ‘High’!
Well, he didn’t really showed any of the vocal skills but he sure showed us his passion in performing! He was The One during the evening that ‘woke’ everyone up with his natural ability in entertaining, exuding some kind of child-like innocence…
One interested part was, he pointed at our host – Vynson and said to him: “你很好笑喔!”
Those 不在现场 will not be able to understand this. This can’t be captured on video.
This was one of the magical moments during the night. 😉

Jolene sang 可爱.

Before she revealed her song, she claimed the song 很像她. 🙂 Judges felt her previous round was better. Well, I know she was a little unwell that day. But again, this is not an excuse, right? It is always the singer’s responsibility to take care of his/her body & voice well, when you know you have a performance. Right, 可爱的Jolene? 🙂

Kai Wen sang 淘汰.
We can see his improvement through the months. The song probably proved too big for him too. Repeatly, he could not hit the high notes in the chorus, which I guess, costed him too much in the scoring.

Shi Ming sang 柠檬草的味道.
She got a strong voice, rather nice clear tone.
However, her voice was commented to be very Jolin-like, some felt Sun Yanzi-like too.
Well, I don’t know if it’s good or bad. I’m not the judge! Hahaa..
And, she committed her mistake again. Her mic was pulled too far from her mouth, too far from the direction of voice. Thus, the volume of the voice was constantly, inconsistent.
Hmm…she said she’s always scared of hearing her own voice, thus she have this habit.
It’s time to change, Shiming!

Tat Sin sang 爱爱爱. (wOw!)


He sang and performed a piano piece for 加分题.
His special, soothing, unique tone attrated many votes for him that night. It was one of the better performance during that evening.

Siew Yong (Xiaorong) sang 我恨我爱你.
She had a major mishap that day, when she forgot to take her disc with her when she left for work that morning. However, many of her friends and Hark’s Yvonne helped her in many ways just to ensure she have a smooth performance that evening. That touched her, and during her 30sec introduction, she took the opportunity to thank everyone.
According to our judges, her delivery though wasn’t technically perfect, however her song feel touched them.
For her 加分题, she impersonated Kit Chan, singing 不要. And yes, she nailed certain parts.
Eugene sang 戒不掉.
Big voice, he had. However, there were some problems hitting the falsettos.
Judges advised him not to choose ‘too big songs’ for competition. He had the similiar problem in the previous round, where his voice broke at the high notes.



Now, annoucing our GRAND FINALISTS after last weekends’ Semifinals….



1. Lim Mei Jun Sophia
2. Zhang Feng Shan Daisy
3. Tay Tat Sin
4. Lee Rui Wen Jeslene
5. Sng Eugene
6. Boo Xin Rong Carissa
7. Yap Beng Yong Aaron
8. Tan Lay Ling Amy
9. Jiang Junxuan




See ya all on 24 Aug (Fri) 8pm – Grand Finals!

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