SAFRA PK Challenge starts this Saturday (10 Oct)!

Twelve finalists have been selected!

Round One starts this Saturday (10 Oct) 2-5pm, at Mount Faber SAFRA Clubhouse!
There will be 5 rounds from 10, 17, 24, 31 Oct and 7 Nov.
The Grand Finals is at 14 Nov, at KBOX Cineleisure!

As the name suggests, this is a PK Challenge, meaning ‘Player Kill’. Singers will face-off with another opponent. Winner stays and loser face the possibility of elimination at the end of the round.

Another exciting element of this event is there will be various themes for all the rounds.

Round 1 (10 Oct): 我的代表歌曲
Round 2 (17 Oct): 外语歌曲 (English, Canto, Malay)
Round 3 (24 Oct): 老歌新唱
Round 4 (31 Oct): 动感快歌
Round 5 (7 Nov): 深情感慨

Oh yes…it’s going to be so engaging & entertaining!

I heard there are many strong singers in the pool! So, let’s come on down to SAFRA Mount Faber Clubhouse this Saturday and see the action live!

Remember, it starts at 3pm! See you there!=====================================

By the way, just a small little ‘entertaining’ videos taken during the auditions, just for some laughters. Taken and edited by

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