SAFRA PK Challenge Round 4

PK Challenge Round 4 – 动感快歌

Happening! Happening! HAPPENING!!!

It was sooo hot that Saturday afternoon.

‘Hot’ not as in the weather…
(Yes, the recent weather is really terribly warm and humid but I don’t mean that…
We were all in the air-conditioned Mount Faber Clubhouse Lobby….how hot can we be?….Haha…)

but in terms of the PK atmosphere!!! It was one of the memorable climax in this whole competition!

After listening to 8 fast numbers (songs were noted to have at least 100 beats per minute), such as ‘Bad Boy’, ‘热情的沙漠‘,’恋爱ing’,’Super No. 1′,.….. the atmosphere was so hyped-up, we saw people tapping along, swaying along and even screamed!!!

Catch this video below:

2 Eliminated singers: Bai Jun Long & Clara Yap
We have left 4 singers….. and they have gained direct entry to the Grand Final on 14 Nov!

Introducing: Sheryl, Karen, Eddie, Jeremaine (from left)

Round 5 Theme:
深情感慨 (Revival Round)

Yes, the past weeks’ 8 ousted singers will gather back on the stage one last time to gain entry to the Grand Finals and vie for the top prize of $1000 Cash!

Only 2 will have this final chance.

Stay tuned..


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