SAFRA PK Challenge Round 3

PK Challenge Round 2 – 老歌新唱

The 8 singers were required to sing 80’s or earlier song releases and deliver them in their own way!

We got to enjoy really ‘happening’ songs! 大眼睛,我要你的爱,十五的月亮,热情的沙漠….
The audience was getting very hot and cheered along!!!

And remember we invited 2 external challengers?

….. Both of them successfully ‘killed’ 2 singers and sent them to !

First up – We had Roy Lim, who is a regular performer and a competitions go-er who had won many champions. He was once a regular vocalist in an local unplugged cafe too.

Second – We had Xazz 微恩. She was spotted in 2006 in a nationwide talent competition – NUS Rhapsody and had released an self-titled album in end 2007. Her next album is due to release in these few months’ time, comprising of a duet, recorded together with 迷路兵.

Watch this video to enjoy the 5 PK rounds captured last Saturday…

2 Eliminated singers: Kenny Khoo & Karen Loo.
We are now left with 6 singers.

Round 4 Theme: 动感快歌

…plus, there will be another 2 external challengers this week.
Both have singles/EP released in 2008/09…. Wanna know who they are?

Come on down to SAFRA Mount Faber at 3pm this Saturday!

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