SAFRA PK Challenge Round 1

Last Saturday, we witnessed Round One of the debut SAFRA PK Challenge at SAFRA Mount Faber Clubhouse.

It was a nice, sunny afternoon… and with the stage set-up, just beside the swimming pool, we just couldn’t resist wanting to take a dip in the pool! ….All right, jokes aside.
Well, it was the 1st time for us to hear these singers out. Truthfully, all the 12 singers are really strong singers! We had such an entertaining afternoon.

The theme for that round was ‘拿手歌曲Their Signature Song’.

Well, it’s not hard to guess why… it’s the first time these 12 strong singers meet the ‘audience’, so of course they must show the best to everyone, isn’t it. 🙂

We were enjoyed listening to very challenging songs such as, 黑色幽默,勇敢,不能说的秘密,真的,曲终人散,etc…

….. and the PK fights were close!We kept seeing, 2 strong singers meeting each other. We even had a draw fight….but still, we had to determine a winner and a loser.

Here, some photos captured during last Saturday for you!

Our hosts for the entire event – Jack and Cherry

Yes, the 12 singers. Waiting for start of event!

Introducing them up on stage.

Introducing…Yeo Khim Woo, Loo Yong Shi Karen, Lim Jia Yi Cordelia, Yeo Shi Kiat Leslie, Khoo Yin Long Kenny, Lin Kailun Karen, Choo Siew Ping Sheryl, Clara Yap Huimin, Ng Kok Leong, Eddie Soh Kwee Ee, Bai Jun Long & Cai Kiang Liang


Judge – He Qing, a veteran performer, giving her valuable comments before the start of the PKs.


Singers, starting to draw lots to determine whom they are going to face-offs with.

Giving their all!


An emotive delivery…

Cheers from audiences! YEAH!!!


Scoring time: Cherry, collecting the score cards from judges.


No…they are not playing pokers….

The pokers cards are the score cards. The gigantic cards will represent the points each judge has given them. Now, the host – Jack is revealing the scores one by one.. Oh my, this is very interesting and exciting..



Showing the scores!


Giving individual singer comments on their performance.

This week’s theme is 外语歌曲.
Yap, you can expect English numbers, Canto numbers, maybe even Hokkien numbers!
Hmm, sounds much more interesting than last week!
So, c’mon down to SAFRA Mount Faber Clubhouse on coming Saturday (17 Oct) at 3pm and enjoy an entertaining afternoon!
By the way, it’s a public holiday this Saturday.
I bet you are free. *Wink!*
View this video capture on all the 6 PKs challenges!
P.S.: 2 were eliminated last Saturday-Cai Kiang Liang and Leslie Yeo. So, 10 singers left in the coming round and another 2 will be eliminated again. Who will that be???

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