QuarterFinal ONE Video Clips – 12 Contestants

Here you go, all 12 videos for you from our QuarterFinal 1 held on 20 July.

Pardon me, I’m still rushing the videos for QuarterFinal 2 & 3…better late than never, right? 🙂

Ohya, I will be posting some pictures from the 2 QuarterFinals too, early next week. 🙂

National Day’s spirit is in the air right now…It’s always this time of the year that we will probably slow down a little and take a recap at how our nation has progressed in such a short time. Smart. 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

In no particular order:

Aaron 重返寂寞

Daisy 我要快乐

Forrest 听海

Wenyang 背叛

Fanny 安宁

Jeslene 爱过

Zhenzhou 戒不掉

Xuewei 我也很想他

Xiaofang 再一次拥有

Sophia (Open Your Eyes)

Ruth 单身潜逃

After looking at all these videos, I suddenly realised many of our students are multi-talented! Ok..Ok…probably, not talented yet…but ‘multi-skilled’…ehh…. got many skills lah…especially most can sing and play an instrument, which I think is rather impressive!!! Keep it up, guys!

It’s good to develop more music skills!

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