Quarterfinal 2 – Pictures & Videos!

Quarter Final 2 Pictures and Videos!

Priscilla & Carissa rehearsing their 加分题 backstage.

Irene’s friends eagerly helped to prepare her for her performance!!!

The first 6 contestants of the night! Giving their best shot!

*******SHOW STARTS!!!*******

Junxuan performed 很想说.

He sang and played the piano for his 加分题. Not bad…

Junxuan Video:

Cedric sang Forever Love.
The hosts kept teasing him as Edison Chan’s lookalike…hmmm…what you think?

He sang and played Kiss Goodbye too…I guess he’s Lee Hom’s fan.

Cedric’s Video:

Irene sang 热带雨林.
This song is quite a light-hearted song but sadly, can’t really show much off her vocals skills..

The interesting part was she performed a self-written song, composed specially for her friends for her 加分题!

Irene’s Video:

Hendro sang 我爱的人.
Some notes was a little straining…however, we could see that he is one very sincere guy.
He did an impersonation of 阿信 from 五月天 for the 加分题. Well, all I could say was it wasn’t really impressive…ehh…不像啦…Sorry!

Hendro Video:

Michelle sang A*mei’s 知道.
Probably due to lack of stage experiences and feeling very nervous, her vocal was shaking throughout the entire song delivery. Voice was lacking in chest tones. With such a power rendition by A*mei, Michelle’s rendition was a little tad too weak. However, she had a very good attitude and focused expression, which proved that she’s sincere in her performance delivery.

For her 加分题,she did a contemporary ballet, which left a deep impression in many. Great job for this!

Michelle Video:

Gabriel sang 背叛.
As what happened in our Quarterfinal 1, he did not able to handle such a high difficulty song. Through the last part of the song, Gabriel did not managed to nail the song ‘nicely’….

For his 加分题, he did some impersonations of various singers..like probably about 10 singers…sadly, we could only identify about 1 or 2…

Gabriel Video:

Amy performed an acapella version of 白色婚礼 when her disc could not play!
Must be rather nerve-wrecking for her…but I think she managed to deliver despite the mishap…

She did a 爱心寿司 for her 加分题.

Here’s the end result!

Amy Video:

Su Kit sang Love Story. With his naturally bubbly character, his immediate appearance to the stage drew many laughters!

He did impersonations of Ado and Jacky Cheung which drew many laughters too…Check out his video.

Su Kit Video:

Carissa sang 小手拉大手. Very sweet delivery!

Carissa Video:

Priscilla sang 别在伤口洒盐. Being only 17 yrs old, she chose a mature song which wasn’t really suitable for her voice type.

For 加分题,she and Carissa did an acapella song, harmonising together…Ehh..but they didn’t really managed to deliver what they have practiced. When at backstage, they sounded good together. Girls, it’s ok, take it as an experience!

Priscilla Video:

p/s: hey guys, sorry for the backload…haha…this is a repeat telecast!! Wanna watch them live? Catch our Semifinal 2 live this Sunday at 6pm!! Grand Final is on 24 Aug (FRI) 8pm!

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