Protect your Voice!

It doesn’t matter if you are a vocal student or you are intending to take up vocal lessons, our ‘talking instrument’ is very important to us, as we speak everyday!

We have an instrument which is truly indispensable. We only have one, we can’t replace it when it’s damaged.

Here, we’ve found a video which is very enlightening.
Which may probably makes you think twice, if you wanna abuse your voice in future. (singing excessively, singing without proper guidance, talking too loudly without proper support, straining your larynx, etc)

For those who have attended vocal lessons, you may have already know all those theories behind vocal anatomy and the importance of breath works.
Now, you get to really see it! It’ll definitely add on to your vast knowledge!

Just a reminder, it may be disturbing for some initially, but I say, it’s very enlightenining to see your vocal cords, right in their ‘face’!

Alright, here’s your documentary……!

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