PK Challenges – What is it all about???

Yes, we have just held an audition this Saturday noon for external PK Challengers!

We have found a few potential singers, as the external challengers to PK (stands for Player Kill, only one will emerge as winner…)

Some of you may still be wondering on how the PK format thingy will be carried out, right??
Alright, here it comes…..

Starting with the 8 REAL Singers which we have found and formed to be the competition 班底, they will be facing eliminations every rounds….

The 1st Round has already started on 9th March, last Sunday.. The 8 singers has sung their 代表歌曲… And cruelly, one of them has been eliminated. The lowest score of the eight.

Coming this Sunday, at 2nd Round, an external challenger has been invited(mystery..mystery person..). The PK challenges will formally begins with this round!

Each singer will pick on a challenger, by drawing lots. (depends on their luck!) Thus, there will be 4 PK challenges altogether. (Provided that you don’t know how to count…let me break it down for you. 7 REAL Singers left after 1st Round, right? + plus 1 external challenger. So, that makes 8. That simple. )

Each will sing a song which they have prepared and chosen to compete. (yes, with live band accompaniment.)

And…..other than that, one other VERY interesting element is that there is a 加分题!!! Ok, I know.. now you gonna ask me, what are they going to do for it right?

4 types for them to choose from:

1. 飙高音 – They will sing a section of a song, and the key will keep on increasing, increasing, increasing!!!! OMG~~~~

2. 跳舞 – I bet I do not need to elaborate more on this. You smart people will know what to expect, right? Haha…

3. 自创歌曲 – Present a self-composed song. Hmm, actually, in my opinion, this is the hardest to gain points and connect with the audience…anyways..

4. 弹乐器 – To let them show their other music talented side of them..other than just singing!

Ain’t all these exciting????? And yes, all these will be taken into consideration for the judging.

Only 1 winner will emerge as the winner of the challenge. The result will be announced straight right after each challenge.

So, some simple calculation will tell you that there will be 4 losers..(sorry, I know this sounds a little crude..) These 4 losers will be in a 危险区. At the end of the show, the judges will deliberate and decide who shall leave that night.

Hmm…so, what about the external challenger???

If the external challenger is the one of the loser, he/she will not get the $200 CASH….(obviously)

If the external challenger wins, he/she can choose either:

1. Get $200 CASH instantly….


2. Choose to stay in the competition, and be part of the 班底 to vie for the top prize of $1000CASH and Prizes!!!!!

Well, which means the external challenger can ‘trade’ or ‘risk’ his $200CASH for more prizes, and stay in the competition till the very last SHOWDOWN!

This will also means that if the external challenger choose to stay in the competition, there will be 2 eliminations instead of 1 elimination that night.

As the rounds goes on, there will be more external challengers coming in…..


So, GOT IT???

WOW wow WOW…Haha…even as I’m writing this, I am soo excited about it!

So, c’mon down to Lunar Asian Fusion Bar at Clarke Quay every Sunday at 8.30pm and catch all these actions LIVE!

It’s really one of a kind in Singapore.

And for those who wants to PK, we are holding auditions on a weekly basis to invite all aspiring singers. Email us your Full Name and Contact Number to

We will contact you for the timings.

Great, great… see you guys!

Remember: it’s FREE ENTRY for all entry before 9.30pm!!! Hark Music Members get FREE ENTRY too! Show your membership card at entrance!

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