~~Photos Galore~~

As promised, here’s some pictures captured on last Saturday (14 JULY) on our SATURDAY SHOWCASE….

Audience earnestly anticipating for the arrival of our 2 stars!

Here they are!!! Applause Applause!!

Wow!! A Full Band, with Hark’s talented musicians!


Oh…This was the funny part where Philip and Alex sang to each other with 深情款款 and singing “…我..爱……你…” This tickled everyone…with goose pimples!!!


Now, introducing the BAND!!!

AMOS on drums!


JANE on keyboard!

SHAWN on guitar!

A spectacular view from the stage.

They were on TV! 😉


They were on poster!

Missed their performance? You can catch them in action again on 28 July (SAT) at 8pm!!!

Ying Peng performed in our Audience Showcase. Great, sincere delivery!

Alright, here comes our AIPs!!!



That night, our 2 experienced vocal instructors were invited to give comments to our AIPs!


Yingzhi – she did something different this time! Showed another part of her talent!

Though her performance may not be flawless, but it’s really encouraging to see her challenging a breakthrough herself! Keep it up, Yingzhi!


As you noticed, we only have 5 AIPs left ‘fighting’…..C’mon and support your favourites!
This Saturday, they will be performing 2 songs for you!

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