Photos from BlackForest/LGF Concert@HARK

Oh great… many photos to upload from the last Saturday’s concert…

It is taking ages to upload the photos one – by – one….

Sigh..Hopefully, blogger is in the midst of doing some upgrades to their photo loader.
Best if it can be like facebook or friendster’s photo loader.. they were soo much convenient! Haha…next time I’m going to think twice in choosing so many photos!!! :))

Alright, here are some captures of the concert night feat. BlackForest & LGF. (with amusing captions for entertainment purposes!)

Yes, we say they rocked & blew everyone away. The cheers, applauses were thundering….


LGF’s Elias & BlackForest’s Ernest, taking a V photo together before the concert.

LGF’s Melvyn & BlackForest’s Iqbal, relaxing around our comfy sofas before the concert!

Gearing up the place with video cameras, (3 cameras in total..); an audio pick-up….

LGF – taking a group photo together!

Outside…. Audiences are waiting for entry..
Ok, take a picture!! SMILE!

CONCERT STARTS!!! With BlackForest!
It was heart-thumping & deafening!!!!!

Nur Iqbal, Bassist

Drummer: SKY!

It was soo ‘shiok’ playing to a FULL HOUSE!

Ernest, Guitarist & Vocalist

Guitarist, Adwin…Cool guy, with cool shades..

Adorable girl among the guys..Renhui, on keyboards. She sings too!

Look at the cheeky face!! She was trying to create some sound effect whilst Ernest was making some ‘cold jokes’…Haha..

Yeah, she sings! She sings well!!

Oh..this…Haha..This was a little tease on Renhui that night.

‘Mr Ang’…Those who were present, will UNDERSTAND!


Other than giving everyone BlackForest’s Stickers, they have their own T-shirts!

Beautiful model, beautiful hair!

Ernest, captured in his singing act.

A view from the back of the stage.

Next up, LGF!!!!

LGF’s Drummer: Melvyn

LGF’s Lead Singer: Regine!

LGF’s Guitarist: Elias!

LGF’s Bassist: KINHO!! (Look! He’s sooo engrossed!)

Rockin’ AwAY! Notice the little green frog in the pic?

Great shot!!

A final picture captured! Blackforest was having their fun with this photo-taking…LGF was busy doing their packing after the concert!

Great Job, guys!!!

Here’s the highlights of BlackForest! LGF’s coming soon! Still in edit!

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