Performance at Plaza Singapora – U@SHINE

On 10 July 2010, Hark’s students were invited to perform at Plaza Singapura for Singapore Street Festival event – U@Shine!

Before heading to Plaza Singapore (which is very near to our school), we arranged a short rehearsal session at our Performing Studio to warm-up all the students. We also did a full run of our 45-min performance sequence.

It was exceptionally helpful for some students like Hendra, Kit Yee and Elina as it was their maiden public performance!

The performing stage was located at the outdoor area of Plaza Singapura.

Lots of crowds~ (definitely lots of jitters for the ‘1st-timers’)
People coming out from the MRT stations, Plaza Singapura and the bus-stop… It was lots of buzzz…

We say…Great exposure!

Singapore Street Festival is an initiative by the National Youth Council to promote performing to youths. It creates opportunities for youths to take part, expose themselves and to experience as a performer.

~Photos, photos, photos!

Our Hark Performing Team on stage. Hmm.. Looks good! 🙂
Consisting of Jack (vocalist), Su Teck (guitarist), Marvin (guitarist) and Jinghui (pianist)
Performing 可爱的玫瑰花 & 爱我别走

Elina performed 天黑黑 -孙燕姿.
Her proud mother ~ 献花!

Hendra performed ‘Try by Asher Book’

Jack (from the Hark Performing Team), totally engrossed in belting out a note….
Classic shot. 😉

Jinghui (from Hark Performing Team), in smiles!

Marvin (from Hark Performing Team), earnestly strutting his stuffs.

Su Teck (from Hark Performing Team), erhmm.. looking at Marvin?

Kit Yee performed 遗失的美好 - 张韶涵

Weiliang performed 十年 - 陈奕迅

Finale item~ Our very talented, well-loved vocal instructor – Valen!
Performing 我不难过 along with Hark Performing Team.

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