“Perform to Inspire” – library@esplanade

“Perform to Inspire!”

Catch us at library@esplanade
on 25 October (SAT) 4.30pm

Want to know how to improve your performing skills? Or you want to learn more about how to be creative and unique?

C’mon and attend this FREE workshop, proudly brought to you by Hark Music & National Library Board!


Workshop Intro

With the rising expectations of music listeners today, it has become a challenge for performers to meet up to those expectations while at the same time be creative and unique in their own right.

Hark Music’s self-taught Music Director, Mr. Amos Teo, will share his knowledge with participants through his vast experiences as a performer, mentor and creator of pop music learning syllabus.

This workshop, conducted in a combination of English and Mandarin, aims at helping budding music enthusiasts improve on their overall performing standards and also understand various ways to inspire and impress today’s audience.

Part I: Advisory and Demonstrations
Through demo repertoire comprises of English and Mandarin Pop Hits, our Music Director, together with his performing team, will share his experiences with participants on the following topics:

-Expectations of the audience
-Stage Showmanship
-Feel & Expressions
-Song Improvisation
-Band Coordination
-On-stage Communication Skills
-The “Dos & Don’ts” on stage
-Preparation before a performance

Part II: On-The-Spot Experience
For participants who would like to receive comments from the Music Director on how to improve, they are welcome to present their performances on-the-spot.

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