People like to sing…like to perform!

Everyone loves to perform!!!

The OpenStage event was overwhelmed with great response!
All the performing slots are fully-booked for Sept and Oct 07!
…And, the Nov’07 one is already a-quarter booked!

Ain’t this a joyous outcome, worth celebrating…. Haha..:)

Right now, this OpenStage event is open to Hark Students only.

Through last few weeks, we have a couple of emails sending to us if the public can register to perform. Sadly, at this moment, no…. Hopefully, more comes in and we will revert to The Management, and we may just do that! 🙂 We might also arrange this event to be held twice a month, if the response is great…

Somehow, it just feels great to know that many local music lovers are so into performing.. 🙂

We know many people may till now feel a little disappointed that Hark Music Cafe is no longer around (now about 6 months into transformation, they’re still people coming to our place every week asking..’Eh? Where’s the cafe?Inside, ah?’) …

That’s one of the very few places in Singapore that promotes chinese live band music, and the plus, plus point was that everynight was audience night!
We all in a way sorta missed those times… but now, is even more exciting for us all!

We are moving forward, and we’re going to churn out even better music, and services for local music lovers..

Music Productions for our Artistes-In-Progress are on the way. They are undergoing intensive trainings now with our Vocal Instructors and they will be recording their very first cover demos next week.

Ohya, and next weekend will be a gruelling weekend for them. *WoW! wOw*

A gruelling training camp for the entire weekend. This is to mould our 3 artistes intoo a stronger person! Yes, they must be able to take the pressure.

Just like what you guys might have seen in those typical drama serials or movies, they will go through physical training, mental-building training, confidence training, vocal training, etc…and they must ‘NEVER SAY DIE’!!!!!

It will be going to be a whole day event, from early early 7am right till midnight.

I still do not really know what’s going to happen…I will try to get some photos and report to you guys next week.


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