Our very own Superstar: Bryan Toro!

If you have been watching Channel U recently, you definitely must have heard of an upcoming singing competition “Channel U’s Project SuperStar 2014”! 

Back for it’s third season, we are excited and proud to introduce to you – Bryan Toro (黄家万), who has emerged from thousands to be one of the Top 12 finalists. He is none other than Hark Music’s certified Vocal Coach!

Bryan, who have always dreamed of being a professional singer is now one step closer to his dreams! But did you know the sacrifices that he had to make to achieve what he has today?

Let’s find out through this exclusive interview with him!

At which age did you decide/find out that you wanted to pursue singing/music professionally? What made you decide to do so?
Like many music lovers,  music have accompanied me through every moment of my life but it was only at the age of 17 where I achieved my ABRSM Grade 8 that I decided to pursue my singing professionally. I wasn’t born with a great voice, but the passion I have towards music drives me to work harder and pursue this dream of mine.

Has anyone discouraged your decision in being a singer or pursuing music as a profession as an impractical one?
My mum, being the typical conservative parent. Haha! I mean which parent does not wish for their child to have a successful career like being a lawyer or doctor? But that did not stop my pursuit towards my dream. 

I started working at a hotel as a toilet cleaner and dish-washer to save up and learn vocals from Ms. Lim Bee Peng. She believed in me and trained me whole-heartedly till my ABRSM Grade 8 recital. It was then, I finally invited my mother to witness my achievement. After that performance, I’ve proven her my strong desire and she started to support me in my music career ever since!

What do you enjoy most about being a vocal coach?
As a vocal coach, I enjoy seeing my students improving week after week. By imparting to them all the knowledge and experience is something that I really love! And when the moment a student thanks me for everything, that feeling is priceless!

What do you love most being a part of the Hark Music family?

I have joined the Hark family since 2009 and I love every moment of it. It’s been a great and fruitful 5 years with Hark and I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Hark Music for believing in me and giving me the full support no matter what I do. For example, furthering my studies in UK, Kovan Superstar (Champion), Project Superstar 2014 etc. Thank You Hark Music!

Who in Hark Music inspires you the most?
Valen Tan Teng Teng, she used to be one of the vocal coaches in Hark Music and is now in Taiwan pursuing her dream. She once told me “有梦就去追” and that is one of the reasons why I took part in Project Superstar 2014.

Can you share with us a little on what to expect from you in Project SuperStar?
I will be singing more ballads during the competition as I feel that it is the strength of my voice. Hopefully that touches people. Besides that, It’s pretty easy to recognize me as I’ll be singing all these ballads BAREFOOTED! 

It has always been my dream to sing on a big stage barefooted as I feel that being barefooted helps me to feel more comfortable and have better connection with the stage. So do stay tuned for the live shows beginning on the 18th August 2014 on Channel U!

Besides singing, what other “secret” talents do you have?
I can dance! Not sure though if that’s consider as a secret talent. I am currently an elite member under Studio Wu. I do mainly hip hop, but as an elite member we practice jazz, jazz funk and contemporary dance as well. Besides that ….. I CAN SING OPERA !!! Haha surprised ?!

What would you like to share with others out there who have the same goals of becoming a singer/artiste?
Don’t ever give up! Be it whether as a singer or even to pursue any dream isn’t an easy path. I’ve been through a lot of hard work to get to who I am today, simple because I DID NOT GIVE UP HALF WAY, even up till now I am still looking forward to improve myself.

Describe yourself in a sentence!
Playful off stage, emo on stage

Which song represent you best?
Who You Are by Jessie J, listen to it, read my story and you’ll know why.

What do you hope to gain, now that you are in Top 12 of Project Superstar 2014?
Nothing actually, because I already feel that I’ve gained way too much in this competition. I’ve met 11 other great singers, experienced professional photo shoots, video shoots as well as having a few fans requesting for signatures and photos.
What’s more to ask? All I want now is to FOCUS & present my best during the live shows.

Support Bryan Toro & get updates on his preparation for the show!
Follow him here: http://www.facebook.com/BRYANTOROPSS

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