Our Sep09 Featured Performer – Jack Lim!

How do you feel when you have been shortlisted for HPT?
I felt really fortunate to be part of this experience. I’ve always wanted to perform in a live band. Furthermore, I got to be in the same team with Marvin, whom I auditioned with.

What song did you present during your HPT audition and why did choose that song?
I did 寂寞的季节 by David Tao together with Marvin. We both like that song and it sounds really good on a solo guitar.

Do you see improvements so far in yourself after joining HPT?
You bet. My song dynamics and control have improved over time. I appreciate the kind gesture by Amos (our Music Director) who not only let us use the Performance Studio for practice every week but also spend time with us to correct our flaws and mistakes.

Give me a quote that your teammates always say about you.
“Jack, you sang the wrong lyrics again!”

If you have a choice to team up with an instructor for a performance, who will it be? And why?
It depends. If it’s with an instrumentalist, I hope to team up with Shawn (my guitar instructor) and if it’s a vocalist, I hope to do a song with Xin Yun (my vocal instructor). To me, they’re the best of the best in Hark Music.

What do you look forward to achieve with your team-mates within this year?
We have actually been talking about this amongst ourselves for a while. Personally I hope we can develop a team character which differentiates us from the other teams through the music we present to the audience.

What do you think is the most important that a performer should have?
A disciplined work ethic. I believe most things do not happen by chance and to perform well, one needs to be committed and practice hard. It would, of course, take up some time but life is all about choices. You reap what you sow.

How did you find out about Hark Music?
I have always had a passion for music but haven’t really had the time during my studies to take up any course. When I started working and had some free time in the evenings, I decided to enroll in one and came across Hark’s website during a web search.

What makes you decide to join Hark Music?
First of all, I was drawn by Hark’s website which was unlike any others I had seen. I thought if these people bothered to put so much effort in their websites, it goes to show a lot about the attitudes towards their work as well. Upon reading the course descriptions and the programs offered, I felt Hark was just the right place for me.

Describe a memorable experience in Hark Music.
Definitely my first performance! I remember I was supposed to sing 戒不掉 by Harlem Yu at the ground level café (now renovated to become a studio) for my first stage performance and I was so worried about not being able to hit some notes of the song that my hand was trembling before that. To get us ready, Xin Yun did some warmup sessions with us prior to the performance and I was glad it turned out well in the end.

What do you like most about Hark Music?
The conducive learning environment. Not only does Hark Music have an extensive library for students to refer to, but also provides rooms for students to practice by themselves before lessons.

Any comments/feedbacks about the school for our readers?
If you’re looking for teachers who can be inspirations, Hark Music is definitely worth your consideration!

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