OpenStage – 24 Sept 2007

::Random Photos::

OpenStage Concert on 24 September 2007!

Hark Students always have the opportunity! Alright! *Thumbs up!*

Last week, we’ve seen such enthusiasm in everyone…Students in our guitar course, pop piano and of course, vocal courses!


Here are some random photos taken during the event. Enjoy.

WeiQi and Janson. They played 背叛 together。

One on rhythm guitar, another on lead. I think they played very well, and with only about 1+ year of guitar learning!
And yes, they are very hardworking…always seen them staying back on Sunday evening to practise guitar playing together in our waiting area. 🙂

A brave young ‘boy’! Doing solo performance, playing and singing. 🙂 Kudos to you!

Eddy on guitar, playing 菊花台. Lawrence, his guitar instructor performed on vocals together.


Audiences! A good turnout of crowd!

The view from the back of our Performing Studio.


Brian here. Performing ‘Tears in Heaven’.

It was a almost perfect performance! * with the bottom of my heart!*
He is only with Hark for about 3-4 months, but I say with such standard, he is either a very fast learner or he has a good guitaring background. He played the song with all the lead lines! Wow…

Oh yes, here comes the happening part when our Vocal Students start to show their ‘stunts’!

Here, Fiona, entertaining the crowd with 爱的主打歌.

Hwei Fen singing 北斗星.

Yvonne singing LYDIA.

Yong Kang, singing 不想(Penny Dai).

Jack, singing 人质.
*Wow, many people are inspired to sing songs sang by 杨宗伟. Even recently, I heard people introducing the song 背叛 as …..” 欢迎他带来,杨宗伟的《背叛》。。。” Hmm…isn’t this song by 曹格? Hmm…power.*

Ivan, singing HURT.

Meilan, singing 木乃伊.


Jiahao, singing 会有那么一天.

Natalie on keyboard. Performing 挥着翅膀的女孩.

Ting Nee performing 非你莫属.
p/s: as mentioned, all these are random photos. Performers who are not featured is purely coincidence. It means nothing. Really.
It just meant the camera went out of battery 😛 .. That’s why. 😉 *Sorry!*

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