On 6 April….

Sorry for waiting so long!!! 🙂

Here’s the recap on the last show before the Final Showdown!!!

….. On 6 April 2008…..

It was a 风平浪静day…no hiccups, nothing. And the band was great!!!

We had 3 external challengers that night.
1) Xiaolong performed 到不了
2) YingPeng performed 北京一夜
3) Veron performed 爱什么稀罕

And now, we have 5 Real Singers left : Alex, TengTeng, Kenneth, Leonard, Cherry

[The opening…]

[Amos, interviewing Leonard & Kenneth… They were the ‘losers’ in the last round.]

PK Set 1
Xiaolong (External Challenger) vs Kenneth
到不了VS 原来你什么都不要


[Drawing his opponent from the ‘lucky box’…]

Xiaolong’s performance was okay. Don’t really have the WOW factor, though judges commented that he had the 外形, can bring out the ROCK feel. His delivery was said to be a little 平 all the way especially during the chorus repeats…He could have added more differentiation to all the chorus.

[Xiaolong, giving all his ‘mighty’ power to his performance.]

[Amos, interviewing with Kenneth on his thoughts about Xiaolong’s performance.]

[Kenneth, focusing on his song delivery.]
Kenneth….Kenneth was so ‘OMG’ that night!
The ‘OMG’ factor wasn’t the fantastic kind… it was the – dropped jaw, and left people wonder, ‘How could he deliver such a performance?’
He forgot his lyrics, he missed his beat.
This did not happen just one time, but a few times during the song!

It was so disappointing. Judges was full of criticism.

[Judges, giving their comments.]


[Sternly, listening to the judges’ comments.]

[Slowly revealing on their scores…]

[Tense atmosphere…]
Result: Xiaolong won!!!
Yippee!!! He won $200 CASH!

[Victory!!! Hurray, Xiaolong!!!]

[Accepting his prize money! ‘Tense’ Xiaolong becomes ‘Happy’ Xiaolong!]
PK Set 2
Ying Peng (External Challenger) VS Leonard

北京一夜 VS 热清的沙漠

[Introducing Ying Peng…]

[Ying Peng picked Leonard as his opponent.]
[He performed 北京一夜.]
A difficult song, which Ying Peng has chosen. One judge mentioned that he sang better for the female parts as he managed to deliver the nasal voice pretty well, while the other judge, has opinions otherwise. He felt that Ying Peng did not manage to bring out the 京剧 singing style out. Rather, he just used the nasal voice and sang it out straight.

[Ying Peng, giving his all!]

[Wow…fierce delivery!]

[The chosen audience judge, giving his comments about Ying Peng’s performance.]

[Leonard, listening to the judges’ comments on Ying Peng and waiting for his turn.]

[A short talk on stage with Leonard before he performed.]

Leonard’s performance wowed everyone.

His stage presence had a breakthrough! He flirted with the crowd with his mega-smile, he played with the guitarist on stage, the entire presentation was what many did not expect of him.

Of course, we were so glad that he managed to step forward, out of his comfort zone to improve on his performing skills. Of course, we can still see some inexperience in him, but we say it is a good step-out.

[Exuding his charisma on stage. Cool…]

[Strutting his stuffs on stage.]

[Flirting with the guitarist.]

[Spreading his cheerful personality to everyone.]

[Both on stage, waiting for results.]

[Revealing on their scores…]

[Leonard, taking a peek on his scores.]

Result: Leonard Won!
Leonard, continue to work on your 舞台魅力, and give out your best for the coming final!

[Thanking Ying Peng on his participation.]

PK Set 3
Veron (External Challenger) VS Alex

爱什么稀罕 VS 你冷得像风

[Veron, on stage.]

[Everyone’s in happy mood! SMILE!]

[Veron, singing 爱什么稀罕]


Veron’s stage presence was great.
Her 台风 was firm and steady, with this A*mei Rock number. She can improve on her singing skills and management styles, creating more 层次. Some of her high notes were not on pitch too. However, she had good confidence in her presentation.

[A very confident delivery.]

[Communicating with the audience with her song.]

Alex was 没得说…. 好!He was a natural crowd pleaser. Once his song came out, the audience was all shaking, tapping along, nodding their heads along with the song. His showmanship, singing skills, demonstration of vocal skills was of nothing to pick.

He was even praised that he already had the standard to sit in the judging panels, giving comments & feedbacks to singers.

[Look at his professional, confidence posture!]

[Belting out all his high notes!]

[Judges, giving comments to Veron & Alex.]

[Score revealing time!]

Result: ALEX!

PK Set 4
Cherry VS Teng Teng
第一天 VS 失恋无罪

[Cherry, feeling the jitters, facing a tough opponent.]

[Cutie Cherry, delivering 第一天.]
In her performance, Cherry missed her lyrics in the first verse! Oh!!!

She had a naturally high voice, which sounded rather sharp…thus singing this song just made the song sounded loud, but without impact. She should’ve tried to use more of her lower register to add to her voice.

[Enjoying herself on stage.]

[Comparing to her 1st performance, she has improved so much. Now, she feel so much natural on stage.]


[Listening to her comments from the judges.]
It’s Teng Teng’s turn to sing!

She had a bad flu that night…..

[Hmmm.. actually, I also dunno what they are laughing about.]
Teng Teng was very 投入.

Despite a strong flu, which can be easily identified in her speaking voice, her singing was still pretty impressive. What’s lacking in the song was more ROCK feel. She can try to add more ‘growling effect’ to her voice…for the ROCKER feel.

[Immersed in her song.]


[Focusing to sing her high notes.]



[A before-the-result interview with both girls.]

Result: Teng Teng won!

So, that night…..
In the 危险区 was Kenneth and Cherry.

[Accepting the fact… either one will be leaving us that night…]

The eliminated singer that night will be on the 5th placing. He or she will receive a $200 CASH consolation prize.

[One of our judge, Maggie, on stage for the prize presentation.]

Judges gonna make a decision.

“Cherry, you will be going home this week….”

Judges said:

Despite Cherry’s improvement being the most obvious of all since the beginning of the show, they decided to give Kenneth a last chance, given his unique voice identity.

“Kenneth, you are really lucky to have the chance to stay for the last show, even though you had a disastrous performance!”

[Giving the consolation prize to Cherry]
Exciting show, right?
The实在歌手PK Challenge FINAL will be on 3 May 2008 (SAT) at 8.30pm.

The FINAL Showdown will be 很有看头!

The 4 Real Singers will be pairing up with Lunar Singers for a Performance, they will also have PK challenges within themselves and the champion shall emerge!

More than $1500 CASH to be won!!!!

More details about the final show format will be updated…stay tuned to this BLOG!
Have seen some interesting song selections by the final 4 singers!
It’s gonna be a big bang night!!!
Will be posting the edited videos from the last show soon too~! There are many good performances!

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