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It shares tips on how singers can improve their stage presence when performing in a group/band. Here’s the article for your ease of enjoyment!

SINGER – How to improve your Stage Presence in a band!

To perform a great show, just standing still and singing great is definitely not enough! You have to do more to keep audience engaged and interested in your performance, especially if you are going to sing more than just 1 song.

    • Choose songs that you love!
      Or Love the songs that you are going to sing!You must put your heart and soul in the songs you perform. If they are songs that you can’t relate to, you are sure to ruin the performance as you can’t sing it with conviction! You are the performer, you have to fully understand the expressions and the meaning of the song to put through a TRUE performance!


    • Smile!
      You must show that you are having a great time. You may be singing a sad love song. Yes, you can’t smile through that song. However, in between song performances, bring back the smile! And of course, do not only sing entirely sad songs for your entire repertoire, mix it up with some up-tempo songs, happy songs!


    • Move around the stage!
      Do not just stand still, you will come across as being stiff! Walk around the stage, move! This will, at the same time, help to relax you a little if you’re nervous. (Helps to keep your mind off the tension!) Get use to it. Make full use of the stage. You must take care of audiences on the left and right side. Your movement around the stage will attract the audiences too.


    • Reference from the star performers
      Do a search around the internet for performance videos by good stage performers! Watch how they move, how they make use of their body language. Reference their moves, not copy!


    • Make use of your facial expressions and poses to go with the song lyrics
      Singing is an expression. It’s just like acting. You are like an actor/actress, only in a musical form. You have to make use of your body language, facial expression to express your feelings. It helps in your delivering your voice emotions too.


    • Give the limelight to other performers too
      You are performing as a band, not as a solo performer! Remember to let go the limelight at appropriate places to your guitarists, keyboardist, drummer.


  • Communicate with the audience
    Involve the audience. You can’t just introduce your song and you start singing. Interact more. Ask questions if the audience is responsive. If not, share information with them, e.g. how you are feeling today, what the songs meant to you, etc. Let them know more about you. It would be good if you can bring out your character to let them know you better.

More Tips:

1. Take drama classes if you have trouble doing your facial expressions, body language.

2. When you practice when your band, practice as if there’s an audience in front of you. This will prepare you mentally on how you would use your facial expression and how you would moving in front of them.

3. Always say ‘Thank You’!

4. Always warm-up properly before performing to ensure your voice is fully ready to hit all ranges. This is a MUST!



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