More to COME!!!

How’s our new Website? (
We really hope you guys like it! 🙂

At this moment, this is only a partial launch.
As you’ve realized, the [Videos], [Library], [Artistes] sections are not launched yet.
And let me tell you this, this 3 categories are 最有看头的

Without saying, this, of course, houses Hark’s Videos. This section will feature performances from our students, our instructors, our Artistes and our Audiences’ talents showcases too! In future, we will be inviting talented local bands to our Performing Studio too, giving them a platform to showcase. And this goes with saying….we will feature some of their interesting videos here too!

And the great part is….. you guys will get to be involved, by giving comments to your favourite videos, giving rating stars to them!

Haha…This is another interesting part of this website!
Hardly can you find music resources here at Singapore. Right?
Either you go to Taiwan’s or China’s sites to search for lyrics/chords for the songs you wish to play, or other foreign sites to search for some music learning articles…
Here, at Library, we bring these contents to you!

Right, we are slowly building up the contents database, we are going to post learning articles (Singing Articles first!), and share lyrics and chords of current hits with everyone. We may also be boosting interactivity by letting you guys do some requesting and posting of questions to us for your music learning doubts! Cool, right?

In Sept/Oct, we will be launching our very first Artiste.
He/she will have their very first single to be played on national radio. Their profile page, their performances, their singles will be made available in this section. Here, you get to know those little little gossips about them, like ‘How they get to know Hark?’, their age, their favourite music, their music influences, blah, blah, blah,….They may have a blog on their own too!!!

And, listeners like you get to vote for them online!
Give them as many stars as possible if you like them!
This is kinda like our friendster profile page….

Interesting, right???
Stay tuned hor, guys & gals!

Next up, we will be having a new Show Theme on every Saturday starting from July.


This Live Show packs a variety of programmes!

A. Mini Concert of Guest Performers
In July, we will have our talented Vocal Instructors to awe and inspire you! Alex, Philip, Eddie, Xinyun will be performing.
And when we say mini-concert, we mean it! They are not going to just sing 2 or 3 songs! They are going to perform for 30 – 40mins straight! Yes, this is their MINI-CONCERT!!!

Their posters will be out soon. Meanwhile, I can reveal the dates to you, you better note them down!

ALEX & PHILIP: 14 July
XINYUN: 21 July
ALEX & PHILIP: 28 July

*Eh…don’t ask me why Alex and Philip want to be together.* ;P

B. Artistes-In-Progress Performance
As usual, our AIPs will bring your performances.
And yes, of course, you still get to vote & write comments for them!

C. Audience Showcase
Popular Open Mic Concept! A great platform for you to showcase your talents & hone your performing skills! Here, we ‘open’ a slot for talented audience to be ‘discovered’!

So many people are still asking us if audience can go up stage to perform.. Oh right, Singaporeans love to perform! Haha….
From our music cafe’s culture, most people still hope to stand up on Hark’s stage and bring us a couple of songs… Right, that’s the spirit! So,…. here you are!!
This is your time, this is your slot!

If you wish to perform, email us your Name and Contact Number to For your performing item, you have to self-prepare your karaoke disc or minus-one music. Remember, you have to memorise your lyrics. This is a performance!

We will be updating more details about this show these few days… Keep a lookout!

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