Mini-Concerts, AIPs, Audience Showcase!!!

Here are the posters!

Yes, Eddie is going to hold his mini-concert this coming Saturday!

Those who miss his soothing vocals, here’s a great chance to enjoy them for straight 30 min – 40mins!

Oh yes, our power-packed powerhouses – Alex & Philip will be joining forces together to blow the house down!!! Mark the dates down, 14 & 28 Jul!
This month, July, we will be presenting a whole new programme on every Saturday.




Mini Concert – Our Guest Performers will be holding their 迷你演唱会! You will be wowed by their vocals, their powers and their stage showmanship!


Artistes-In-Progress Performances – As usual, you’ll be the judge for these Artistes. Now into their 3rd month of training, the initial 12 has been ‘downsized’ to 9. Now, 4 of the remaining 9 will be ‘asked to take a break’, leaving us with only 5 AIPs. Want to know who they are and to give continuous support to them? C’mon down on every Saturdays!


Audience Showcase – Right, the popular Open Mic concept is back on track now! We know there are many hidden talents out there. We wanna hear you! We have a slot specially dedicated to Audience Showcase. This is your time!


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