Mini-concert Review – Great Job, everyone!

Mini-concert 30 May 2008

Ahhh… our Hark Performing Team performed well!!!
This has showed that the music workshop which we’ve held in April was all well-worth it!

6 groups performed.

And all improved tremendously compared to the previous 2 performances.

It was such a heartfelt feeling, seeing all our students improved.

I’m sure they have all reached another level in performing and music appreciation.
Good job, guys…Keep it up!

There are definitely more to improve, such as bringing more colours to their performances, adding more dynamics to the songs…. Hopefully, we are able to squeeze some time out of next 2 months, and present another workshop for them, and of course, at the same time for all the other students!

Just like what one of the performer, Mar-vin has mentioned, Hark is the only music school, who has a mini-theatre – seats up to 80 pax, with a real performing stage, where students can learn to hone their performing skills! We are all so glad to see this facility giving students’ motivation, pushing them to achieve their highest music capability.

Here are some pictures, captured through the night!



Waiting for the show to start!

Juliet, and Leonard here with their opening song : 明天你要嫁给我

Juliet, enjoying, swaying along…to bring on the happy mood to the audience

Here, Juliet sang 触电, and played the pianos.. Daisy, being the ‘harmoniser’..

Daisy sang a solo song, with just an acoustic guitar. 人质

Daisy, immersed in the emotional piece.

Amos, captured in the photo, giving some valuable comments to the performers.

Audience, listening earnestly.

Next group, Xiaorong and Sheryl.

Xiaorong sang 爱我还是他.
Her vocals improved quite a bit. Keep it up!

Sheryl, focusing on her playing.

Next group, Marvin, Jack, Liling.

Liling, here at the keyboard.

Yes, it was another full-house performance. 🙂

Jack, singing 好朋友.

Marvin, on guitar. He was one of the performer who has improved tremendously since last review.

Liling, on the keyboard.

Amos, commenting on their performance…

They did a duet song together – You’ve got a friend.

Good effort, from both vocalists.

Next group – Xuewei, here at keyboard.

Jeslene, on vocals.

They did a dance song! <日不落>
With only 1 instrumentalist, you may wonder how??? They’ve made use of the keyboard dance style, to add in drums, effects, etc.. I say, it’s really not bad! 🙂

Next group, Suteck, and Jinghui

Suteck, sporting a younger image here..with the baseball cap.
He sang 期待你的爱.

Last group of the night…their outfit theme is ‘Sunny!’

Weiqi, on guitar. Another performer who has improved quite alot. *Thumbs up*

Carissa sang 美丽心情

Aaron sang ‘You and I Both’


Gabriel sang 还隐隐作痛. Aaron doing the harmonising.

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