Learning Guitar is so fun and easy!

YES! Guitar can be so easy to learn!

This wonderful instrument which dates back so many centuries ago, is still gaining much popularity, due to its ‘easy-to-learn’ methodology, and its convenience to bring it just about anywhere.

The fuss-free of getting a simple guitar of just less than a $100, and playing right away, following some online free lessons, or easy-to-understand guitar books, sounds so alluring to many.

And yes, I say it’s so easy! (Of course, you will face with some buzzing & humming when forming simple chords shape, but that will always improve with practice!)

In a city like Singapore where weekends are always typically evolving around movies-watching, window-shopping, café-drinking, or maybe mahjong-ing… why not pick up a guitar from your brother, your neighbour, or whoever and start strumming away those simple chords!

I’m sure that activities like these distract you away from your day-stress, and work your soul (emotions), mind (mental) and body (physical) in this musical journey challenge!

Oohh… Haha..Pleasure can be so simple.

And now with the power of technology, you can basically start to learn now!

And OH YES! We have recently found some good videos!

Go to our Video Category and browse through those . There are some great videos about guitar which we have sourced around the internet, and put it all together for you!

Here is a pick for beginners!

Guitar – C Am F G Chord Progression

p.s.: Of course, you will learn faster with the presence of an instructor which has all the ability and dedication to point out your beginner’s mistakes. J Attend Hark’s Acoustic Guitar course, and experience the years-proven exclusive HARK syllabus, which has satisfied many happy students!

p.s.s.: Our Festive Guitar Promotion is ending on 31st January 2008! Take a good chance to receive a FREE GUITAR!

We will be uploading some photo captures from our concert held last Friday (11 Jan 08)!

Stay tuned………

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