Jiang Yang & Le Sheng Song Composing Sharing Session@Hark

We held a song composing sharing session 《创作其实并不难》 for an upcoming singer-songerwriter, Jiang Yang 姜洋 on 22 March 2010.

It’s a FREE admission event – Jiang Yang shared about his composing experiences and knowledge gained throughout the years. This event also featured a special guest appearance – Zhang Le Sheng 张乐声, who has written countless songs, for 杨丞琳, 蔡淳佳, 郭美美, 潘嘉丽, many more & has won 2 Mediacorp’s STAR AWARDS 红星大奖 in 2004 & 2007 “最佳主题曲” for his composition works 《跟着我一起》― 电视剧《宝家卫国》主题曲 & 《爱在身旁》― 电视剧《我爱我家》主题曲.

Here are the photo captures of that memorable evening!

Everyone was waiting eagerly for the commencement…. *yeah!*
Our instructors Bryan and Teng Teng also took aside some time to attend this special event!

Ooohhh… it was a full house…

Event starts!!!

The lovely female host – Hua Jing, first introduced him to the audience and of course, not forgetting to mention about his newly launched album~~~it has already achieved more than 10,000 sales! In just 1-week of release in China!

Next up, he performed! Self-accompanied vocal with just a keyboard.

He was dynamic!
‘Cause he did not only sang and played the keyboard, he also added in the drums, strings, etc to make the arrangements sound fuller. All self-controlled live!
That’s for sure not an easy task but….. he managed it well!
And best of all, he sang with FEEL~~~

~~~We were touched~~~

He performed 2 songs, of which were both his own compositions.

Next up, the host wittingly, went around to ‘catch’ someone to comment on these 2 songs he performed.



….. who to comment??……



and guess, what?…….

She approached our music director, Amos Teo!

Well… Amos is not one who is unfamiliar with such situations, as he usually gave lots & lots of comments and feedback to Hark students and performers…..

And so….. he started….

….giving comments….

… then, followed on, started discussing on his opinions for the comments given….

… then, more comments…..

Till, the host reminded of his 职业病!

Hahahaaa…….Thanks, 校长!
Next up, Jiang Yang continued to share more on his composing ideas and inspiration.

He also shared on how the ‘marriage’ between melody and lyrics can come about.

Everyone listened intently…

Yes, we enlightened us some. The audience also participated in asking some questions…

Followed on, we welcomed the very special guest appearance – Zhang Le Sheng!
He rarely made appearance like this to share his 心得 with music enthusiasts.

I would say, we are all blessed to have him on this very event!

From this photo, you might have guessed…..
He’s actually quite a shy person…..

The host had to get him to stand in the middle of the stage a few times! (as he started drifting, taking a few steps sideways after a few sentences in conversation…hahaa…)

During sound-check an hour before the event commencement then, the host ‘bugged’ Lesheng to sing a song. (Trust me, this was not planned at all!)

In case you don’t know, Lesheng was a regular performer in his younger days in various places and he was also one of the finalists in Project SuperStar 2.

After much persuasion, it was all decided in the very last minute!
So, there was no pre-recorded music…. we got to find an instrumentalist – ON THE SPOT!!!

In our luck, we managed to get one of our pop piano instructor, Rei Lim to perform alongside with him. They only get to rehearse the song in just 5 minutes flat backstage!

He brought us, his rendition of 大城小爱 (王力宏).

Rei in action!


He mesmerized everyone! Everyone was in awe! It was a flawless performance!!!!!
Believe it or not, there was an encore request from the audience!!!!

Pity, Lesheng could not bring us more…as it was totally un-prepared.
Hopefully, we can have the chance to bring him back again for another event! This time, I am sure we will get him to bring us more tunes! 😉

***Great job, Lesheng!***

After the performance, Lesheng gave us more insights on making your lyrics more ‘sellable’. Having sold countless of his lyrical works to local and foreign music acts, he definitely has vast knowledge and had a lot to share.

His 15-minutes sharing was indeed a very enriching session.
Saw many copying down his mentioned pointers….

The last segment of the event boosted one of the very special highlight of this entire event.

Both Jiang Yang and Le Sheng was entrusted to compose a song, right from the scratch to prove that 创作其实并不难!

Coming together…..

Jiang Yang, coming up with the melody & chords….

Lesheng, coming up with the lyrics… based on the topic – 创作其实并不难


They sang it… instantly.

….then, they invited someone from audience to sing it!


It was a 圆满 ending to the session!

**Claps Claps Claps!***

Everyone enjoyed the session! It was a great Monday night!

Thank you, Jiang Yang & Lesheng!

We are glad to be able to hold events like this, giving more value to our students!
We look forward to more of such events!

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