HSSC Finals…

First, we have to say we really had a successful night of the Grand Finals of our 1st Hark Music Student Singing Competition.

It was a fruitful experience for everyone.

The 9 finalists are all winners!

They have shown us their determination & their perseverance to excel. We appreciate their dedication and hard work towards this competition! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! Winning the top 3 placing is just a final icing to this rewarding journey!

This competition was organized with the objective as a small internal event which we hope to provide more interaction among the students and create a competitive platform for more music development. We are glad to know we have met our main objectives. From Qualifying Rounds to the Finals, we can see the improvement from all the contestants. This has proved to be a very healthy event, which we hope to organize more in future!

Now, we shall reveal a little ‘secret planning’ that we’re having next!

The Grand Finalist Mini-Concert!
Right, we’re inviting all the 9 finalists back with our Hark’s Live Band!

And the best part is they will be performing more than 1 song! Exciting, right??? Should be interesting for the contestants as they are no longer contestants; they become the special performers and don’t have to worry about what the judges would say…Haha! This concert will be arranged to be sometime in September. Stay tuned again for the latest release!

Here, also taking the chance to apologise for the inconvenience that some of you may have experienced during last night’s event. We were completely caught unaware of the overwhelming response of the crowd. With only a capacity of only 76 in our performing studio, more than hundreds came to Hark yesterday and created a long queue, and large crowd outside Hark.
We regret that we had to disappoint many. Actually we’ve informed everyone that the ticketing opens at 7.30pm, with first-come-first-serve basis and we did not limit the number of friends each contestant could bring. We regret to create some unhappiness due to the capacity limit, when the tickets are all snapped up very quickly.

To avoid the same situation happens again, we have implemented a new ticketing system for similar events in future.

New Ticketing System for “Big” events

  1. All performers/contestants will be allocated an equal number of tickets;
  2. These tickets will be sold and reserved for their collection till the closing date (1 week before the event date);
  3. Thereafter, the uncollected tickets (if any) will be released to anyone who can buy them on first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. All patrons are advised to possess a ticket before coming for the show.With this system, we hope it will create the best outcome for everyone.

Alright, let’s move on, and we shall look forward to the GRAND FINALISTS CONCERT in September!

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