HPT4 Audition Results Released!!!

Congrats to the following students who have made it through the first round of the HPT4 audition on 14 Aug!
Pop Piano
Yeo Hwee Bin
Lynette Chiang
Chan Yan Wee
Lee Ming Jie
Tang Shu Quan
Lim Wei Leong
Ivan Lee
Priscilla Chua
Lim Chin Sing
James Loh
Albert Loo


Wang Yu Wen
Winnie Lee
Tay Lara
Lee Joyce
Jason Goh
Tjioe Hendra
Fredrick Yong
Khoo Brenda

Next up, you are required to attend a briefing session conducted by our Music Director on 14 Sep (Tue) 8.30pm at Hark Music Performing Studio.

The attendance is compulsory.
See you then! 🙂
p.s.: For those who did not manage to get through this round of audition, keep up your good effort! We really hope to see you again in our next HPT5 audition! 加油!加油!

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