HPT Featured Performer of August09: Roy Lim

How did you find out about Hark Music?
I was watching Channel U one day and there was a feature on Hark Music in one of the programmes. As the vision coincides with mine, I’ve decided to call up and find out more about the courses available.

What benefits you the most while attending the lessons with Hark Music?
I learnt how to play a guitar! My lifetime dream since school days… This shows that it’s never too late to learn something that you aspire to. Although I don’t play that well, it’s still fulfilling that dream of mine which I will live to remember.
What do you like most about Hark Music?
The classes are taught using the latest pop songs which we all can relate to, instead of those classical ones, which bore the hell out of me. And through the Saturday Open Stages, students get to showcase their talents and experience stage performances to the public! After getting into the Hark Performing Team, not only I get to perform on stage again, I also made even more friends… friends who share the same passion… MUSIC! Regardless of how busy we are, we will get together and practise for our upcoming gigs.
Who is your favorite artiste and why?
I listen songs from all genres and languages… so it’s difficult to single out one favourite artiste… If you’re talking about Chinese Pop, it has to be Lee Hom; if Latin, it has to be Louis Miguel; Opera has to be Andre Bocelli and Sarah Brightman; and the list goes on…
How many performance have you done so far?
If it’s singing, since school days I had a band, we perform for all school events; Then I took part in countless karaoke competitions from 1998 to 2003 for both English and Mandarin categories; I performed in a 民歌餐厅 before; performed in countless numbers of weddings, parties and functions and now here I am, in Hark Performing Team!
Is your dream career related to music?
I wish to cut an album one day… although I’ve recorded quite a number of demos already but none are my songs! Sobs! So I have to work hard, earn loads of money and then start my own recording label for good singers who don’t have the looks! 实力派rules!!!
How do you feel when you have been shortlisted for HPT?
Yay! I can realize my passion in singing again!
What song did you present during your HPT audition and why did choose that song?
回家by顺子. Chose that song because it is an extremely difficult song to sing because of the wide range. I always love that song because of the music arrangement and how it evokes my feelings when I sing it.
Do you see improvements so far in yourself after joining HPT?
Yes because of the constant training, my vocal delivery and pitching improved a lot. And I’ve also managed to reach higher notes now like the high notes of 离歌.
If you have a choice to team up with an instructor for a performance, who will it be? And why?
I already have an instructor in our band! Haha… But if anyone else would be David. Reason is, his choice of songs are pretty close to mine.

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