HOT!!! Night

It was such an hot night last SATURDAY, with our full live band~~~
*Shawn on electric guitar*
*Jane on keyboard*
*Amos on drums*

A full house, with all intense eyes fixing on the 2 唱将, it was a truly enjoyable night of POWER! and harmonies~~~~

You see, that’s the 魅力 of our vocal instructors, PHILIP LIM and ALEX TAN!!!

Songs like 新不了情,冲动,曹操,LOVE STORY, 曾经爱你永远爱你 (you see, all power power songs…so difficult!! *sweats*) The audience really 听出耳油喔!

I’m editing the photos now…many pictures *swoosh*…together with photos from Audience Showcase and AIPs performances on that evening.. Will upload soon for you guys.. 🙂

Those who missed their performances, or who wants to relish that experience another time, they will be having another mini-concert on 28 JULY!!!!

I’ll be back soon!

p/s: AIPs will be performing as usual this week! C’mon down and support them this SAT. They will be performing 2 songs each. This is going to be an intense week for them. And of course, singers out there, make an date with us and perform on our Audience Showcase this SAT!

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