Hey….A New Poll!!!


Was kinda a little brain-dead, not knowing what I can write for the blog except for our AIPs, Students, New Website, New Videos….etc… Life seems to to be revolving these issues recently…

Hmm..was thinking that it may seems boring for you guys, huh???

Suddenly, a thought that stroke my mind!
To add a poll just for some fun!

So, now, look to the left side of this blog….
…..and SCROLL DOWN!!!
You should be able to see a poll…..RIGHTz????

Hehee….it took just a little time…say about 10 mins?? I found this nice looking poll from http://www.neomyz.com/

Feels and looks kinda cool as there are animations…hahaa….but the sad thing is, I cannot change the colour leh..
So, now, it looks a little out of place in this blog as the colour theme seems a little too futuristic….. You agree???? :(((

Anyway, to start with a simple poll question, to see how many of you thinks about our local reality talent show…like the Singapore Idol, Project Superstars, the now showing Campus Project Superstars, and the coming up Star Search….

This poll question strikes my mind, as I am recently following the Taiwan’s 超级星光大道..

For those who have not heard from this talent contest, I really highly recommend you guys to catch it!

It’s an entertaining show, with very good judges’ comments!
Judges like 袁维仁, 张宇,林志炫..who have many experiences in the music industry, in producing, to performing…they gave every constructive comments to the singers, which I feel, provides very good edutainment value to music lovers like us!

And, the best part of the show is that most of the singers sing EXCELLENTLY!
Some I feel, sings better than the original!
This show doesn’t give people those very commercial feel as the singers are not just those ‘ can see, cannot sing’ ones.. Though most of them do not possess those extraordinary looks that makes people stop and look, but their singing skills do!

You can feel their passion, and the 真诚 in their voices and definitely, the 真诚 from the production team too! (you see, they do not only select those good-looking ones…)

I think that’s what make this show very popular now! A lot people around the world are catching this show through youtube… all thanks to those uploaders! ARIGATOU!!

The competition format are rather unique too..they have those PK competition, where singers from various backgrounds will compete with the 星光团..
They also have the 地狱与天堂 performances where the singers have to sing a very sad song and a happy song, to test on their 声音的感染力…
Haha…and the best part is the producers even invited those who have just 失恋, so be on the show as a gauge to see how many felt touched and connected by their singing on both the sad and happy song.. They even had a flag to be raised up after their performances..
Interesting, right?

Aiya…it’s hard to explain it here…just go, dig up those videos, you will know what I mean!!!

And YES!!
This is a highly recommended show for those who wants to learn something from it!

p/s: oh yes, recently there’re a hot topic in this show too, as a very strong contestant called 杨宗纬…lied about his age when he registered for the competition… As he’s very popular now, people started to expose his age…soo…he kinda got no choice but to bow out to the competition due to his deceive…oohhh…what a pity..

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