Hark Student’s Singing Competition – Great Enthusiasm

Barely a week, the response from our Hark Students are ‘overpowering’! Hahaa…What I meant was…..Aiya…you all know lah! LOL..


Almost 100 students registered for the competition in just 1 week’s time…. It’s great to see such enthusiasm (aiya…I always can’t spell this right..:(( )!


That’s the right attitude, guys!

We organised this ‘internal’ competition is to let our students interact and gain as many performing experiences and exposures! This is going to be a friendly competition for everyone to learn and improve.. This is definitely unlike commerical singing competition that you find elsewhere where some participants are soooooo experienced that they joined for the sake of $$$$……. (tsk…tsk….tsk….)


So….this competition is strictly for Hark Students ONLY!!! All active and former students are welcome!

Through this competition, we are also looking for our next potential HARK ARTISTE/s.

In these coming few months, we are going to be really buzyzzzzzz…….still busyzzzz churning out and working for the new HARK ARTISTE’s productions….

Hopefully in AUG/SEP, we will be able to hear the songs in national RADIO!!!!


p/s: yeah…Hark’s new website still not ready yet…next wk..next wk….promise..promise….once the new site is ready, this blog will be integrated into one of the categories…..

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