Hark Featured Performer: Xiaorong

How did you find out about Hark Music? A friend bought me to Hark Music Café some years back.

What makes you decide to join Hark Music? The syllabus, the environment, the location, the sincere & friendly staff.

What benefits you the most while attending the lessons with Hark Music? I’ve learnt some much different singing techniques, the strengths & weaknesses of my voice. I now can sing the way I never knew I could before.

Describe a memorable moment in Hark Music. My first student performance evaluation. We had to perform Hark Music Café in front of a live audience. It was a very unique experience. That was my only performance in the café as it was later converted into the existing performing studio.

What do you like most about Hark Music? Everyone is nice and friendly, from staff to instructors to students. It feels like belonging to a big family.

Who is your favourite artiste and why? Jolin. She might not have the best voice but I really admire the effort she put in her music career. Nothing is impossible for her!

How many performances have you done so far? I have lost count! About 30? Being a HPT performer has given me plenty of chances to perform.

Is your dream career related to music? No. There are too many uncertainties in music industry. I am someone who needs security in life.

What is your utmost objective that you want to achieve in terms of music? To be able to sing any type of song I want, from jazz, to R&B, to rock…

If you have a choice to team up with an artiste for a perfomance, who will it be? And why? 周杰伦. I want to sing 珊瑚海 with him!

How do you feel when you have been shortlisted for HPT? Excited! Can’t wait to start practising for the first performance.

Do you see improvements so far in yourself after joining HPT? Yes. Not only in terms of singing, it also increase my confidence level.

Give me a quote that your teammates always say about you. None. But they like to call me “弱女子”, I don’t know why!

If you have a choice to team up with an instructor for a performance, who will it be? And why? Jane. She has the ability to spice up any song.

What do you think is the most important mindset that a performer should have? Humble. Be willing to accept negative feedback and always ready to improve.

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