Hark Activities on 21 Feb 09

Last Saturday (21 Feb), there were so many activities around Hark!

Early morning at 10.30am-1.30pm
A group of about 15 Hark Students, together with our instructors, Teng Teng and David went down Geylang East Home for the Aged to do their bit for charity!

It was such an heartening experience for everyone, as they mingled around 50 fun loving elders, serving and chatting around! And of course, we have prepared a list of good old classics for entertainment, in just acoustic arrangements!

It definitely brought little of our love and smiles to them, in the good spirit of the festive seasons!

To be able to give back to the community is a such a real joy to all of us… it has been really encouraging that many of our students are in such enthusiastic mood for a meaningful event like this. Yes, let’s do this more often! 🙂

By the way, photos are on the way….. I will upload them real soon! 😉

OpenStage@Hark Performing Studio (3-5pm)
It was a packed studio last Saturday. There were quite a number of performing items lined-up! Class performances were full, with 8 students presenting their practiced-pieces in front of a live audience. Nervous they may be, but most were pretty well-done. It was definitely a very good experience learnt for most of them!

Several of our Hark Performing Teams performed too. I believed they must have been anxiously preparing for their performance next week, cause it is their GRADING! Good luck, HPTs!

Hark@MarinaSq – 21 Feb (Saturday 7-8pm)

Definitely, the most ‘happening’ limelight of the day!
We were so honoured to be invited by SAFRA, to give a 1-hr performance during their membership carnival.

Our HPTs (from batch 1) performed.
Our instructors, Amos, Xinyun, Celeste performed too.

Let the photos say it all. See below. 🙂

Eugene started first, together with instrumentalists, Liling on keyboard and Weiqi on guitar.
He sang 小姐这是我的名片 as the opening song. It started to create curiosity among the shoppers. People started to flock around level 1, and level 2…. We even saw many cameras flashing away….(who are they??)

Followed on, a very ‘K’ 歌 – 你是我的眼, and yes, not surprising, I saw people singing along….

Getting crowded…..

Next performer, Xiaorong. She sang 带我走. The most
瞩目song………. 如燕!

Once, she started singing that song, people came clustering around the stage area, to catch some glimpse of the singer. My guess-many might have thought it was Olivia singing, cause Xiaorong really did a good job!

Guess, who’s up next???

Audiences enjoying the performances….clapping and screaming away. Yes, we heard screams!

Celeste, delivered a easy listening, English number – Bizarre Love Triangle in a different and refreshing twist. Imagine, electronic beats and acoustic sounds. , Cool, right? 😉

Amos, gave a hip-hop, rapping version of 火柴天堂. Without fail, amazes everyone!

The last 3 songs were delivered by Xinyun.
Starting with 月牙湾, with a different sequence and presentation.

Another English song – Because of You. With her strong powerful vocals and natural stage persona, audiences were hooked to her rendition! Comments poured into her FB, saying her delivery touched them and gave them goosebumps all over. Another great job done!

The entire performance ended with a quieter song – 傻瓜.

And no, do not think any further. It doesn’t mean anything. 🙂

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