Happy Holidays!

Hello guys!!!!

It’s the end of the year now! Christmas is coming, and 2008 is just a few weeks away!
A season of giving~~~~~

We are taking some short breaks from these holidays to recharge too!

AND….we have prepared alot of goodies for everyone!!!
Chocolates, candy canes, cookies, butterscotch goodies, marshmallows…wow, wow…

One of Hark staff, Lee Yen even made brownies, and placed 2 in the cookies tin!!! (The rest were shared by the Harkees…)

Hoho… who’s the lucky one who have eaten those brownies??
(I just went to check, the brownies were already gone!!!)

YuMMy!! YummY!!!

Oohh…some one’s taking the goodies…….

The best goodies is not just these!!!!

We are giving away Free Guitar to you!!!

This festive promotion ends 31 January 2008!
Anyway, Happy Holidays!!!! Have a great celebration ahead, and may the new year, a better year than before!

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