Happy 2009! & Hark@NP OpenHouse

Happy 2009!

We are invited to perform at Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 8 Jan 09. during their 2009 Open House fiesta.

Our instructors – Alex, Celeste, Shawn together with our Music Director, Amos put up an interesting line-up of songs…

曹格 – 3-7-20-1
周杰伦 – 说好的幸福呢
方大同 – 爱爱爱 (Female, acoustic jazz version)
熊天平 – 火柴天堂 (Rock/Hip Hop, with rap!)
Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger
林俊杰/蔡卓妍 – 小酒涡
新不了情 (Pop/Hip Hop)

Audiences enjoyed it, there were even screams of awe from them. (heard that it came from a non-chinese!) We were totally delighted.

It was a rare chance, where the instructors took time out of their busy schedule, to practice and rehearse, putting up shows with fresh new arrangements..

We are all excited about this and are contemplating to do a concert, in Feb 09 to present an inspiring music extravaganza to you! That will be awesome, isn’t it?

Hopefully, I will be publicizing this event soon! *wink!*

Meanwhile, enjoy these little photo snippets captured that day in Ngee Ann Poly…

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