Happening Saturday!!!

Happening Saturday!

So many things gonna happen this coming Saturday…..We are excited!

Catch Alex and Philip in action again this Saturday (28 July) at 8pm!
I managed to catch some peek during their rehearsal…Their repertoire is interesting!!!

And…yes! They are singing with our Live Band!
For those who miss their performance on 14 July, this is your last chance!

Artistes-In-Progress (AIP)
This week, you may see the other side of our AIPs.

Some of them will be playing the keyboard, guitar and drums!
You will see the other side of them and you’ll realise that they have more than their voice!
And some will be singing their own compositions too!

You see, they are putting in their best to show you the best of them!


This Saturday, we will also be having our audition seeking for our 2nd batch of

too. Selected ones will be arranged to go through a 6-months intensive training to hone them as a professional singer. Potentially, they will be signed as a Hark Artiste and singles will be produced for them, pushing for overseas development.

So, if you are one who loves to sing, and hope to realise your dreams realistically, come on down to Hark this Saturday at 2pm.

Now, more than hundreds have registered. You wouldn’t want to miss this chance.
Be prepared to present your best!

You will agree that this is going to be a real happening Saturday!

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