Guitar ExpressWay Batch 4!

Time flies… Since our conceptualization of an accelerated programme to fit the lifestyle of the modern Singaporeans in 2009, this year, we managed to run 2 batches of Guitar ExpressWay!

Yeah! We have reached one of our goals set out in 2010!

Guitar ExpressWay is a 2-day accelerated programme, enabling the students to achieve self-directed learners after 2-day programme!

And boy, it has achieved amazing results for the graduates!

We have witnessed a total beginner (never touched guitar before) being able to play and sing a song on stage in front of an audience in just 3 weeks when she first touched the guitar.
Some months later, she even started to write songs using the knowledge she acquired through the course too!

We have also seen an experienced player, achieving breakthroughs from long years of stagnant state! And now, he is imparting what he knows to his 9-year old son!

Amazing stories! …There are more.. Like those who performed for their own weddings, their son’s weddings…we can go on & on…

It’s these stories, that made us much more confident of the value this programme delivers to the graduates.

With an initial simple objective – to create an alternative music learning experience to music enthusiasts other than weekly music lessons, it has accomplished much more to our delight.

We are glad to see such results.
Thank you, Guitar ExpressWay students. 🙂

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