Guitar ExpressWay 2-Day Programme


Many have been in awe of the exceptional results it has delivered for just 2-days but it also left many constantly wondering how it can be possible…

We have decided to hold a Guitar ExpressWay™ Preview for you to find out more! During the preview, you will understand the revolutionary approach we’ve specially designed to enable learners in becoming a self-directed guitarist in just 2-days!
Date & Time: 18 December 2010 (Saturday) 3-5pm

Take this opportunity to find out more about this revolutionary programme which has already been proven by our graduates!
Exclusive Promotion will also be launched on that day too!
RESERVE YOUR SEATS NOW! Limited seats only.

Simply reply this email with your Full Name, NRIC and Contact Number.
*And you will receive a FREE gift worth $12 when you come on that day!


Watch this Video!

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