Grand Finalists Concert – 28 SEP!

Missed their performances during their finals on 24 August?

Catch this right; they will be performing once again for all of you, on 28 September (FRI), at 8pm!

This time, they will be bringing you 2 songs with different genres…Wow… 一定有看头!

Hmm…Like what they always do on TV after singing competition… maybe the hosts will dig some things from them to let you guys know more about them???

Maybe they will get them to expose each others’ habits?? (since they seem soo close-knitted..kekeee…)

Maybe they will get them to tell you about the background? Like their occupation, if they are attached..…(are you guys interested in that??Hmm…)

Maybe they will get them to play some stupid, lame games….(like throwing flour at each other?)

Maybe they will sing together with a Guest Artiste??

Maybe they will….

OK OK…..Aiya, all these are just my stupid thoughts lah!!!
Don’t bomb me and ask, what’d all this gonna do with singing, ok?? It’s just my ramblings!!! The management didn’t say they will do it lah!

Anyway, they will be performing for all of us on 28th September, with Hark’s SUPERBAND!

See Ya!!! *WINK!*

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