Graduation Concert – Accelerated Guitar Mastery!

Our Inaugural Accelerated Guitar Mastery 3-day Programme Graduation Concert was conducted on 4th October to a full-house in Performing Studio@Hark.

It was definitely an exciting day for the 8 students.

After going through an intensive 3 full day programme, they were all geared up, ready and totally enthusiastic to present their graduation songs to their family and friends!

We have Amy, Max and TengTeng, all total beginners in guitaring when you flashed back just 4-weeks ago, performing ‘Heaven’, ‘Yellow’, 矜持 by Faye respectively.

…and we have Travis, Jelina, Albert, Eugene, Benedict who all had prior guitaring background (some has learnt more than 10 yrs), performing Girl from Ipanema, 让我想一想, 海阔天空, 一百种生活 and If tomorrow never comes.

All cheers were on them!

At the same time, we were very glad to receive very positive feedback and testimonials from the students themselves after the entire programme.

We were touched…….

“I was mesmerized by the programme in the sense that the course gave me an edge in excelling myself in a short period of time. I must basically thank Amos, who lead the program and Jensen, who empowered me in many aspects of life, no only in guitar. And, all the friends I’ve met here who encouraged me a lot…” Benedict Goh

“After going through these 3 days, I feel that I’ve benefitted a lot, not just in terms of guitar skills which I had none to begin with. Other than that, I’ve learnt to be really determined to play the song well, and it’s not easy, cause as a beginner, it’s really painful. So it’s only after endless training and encouragement from my instructors in Hark that I’ve really learnt a lot and improved.

I feel that I really need to thank everyone here and I’ve never regretted for signing up this course.” Amy Ng

“I was actually very skeptical about this AGM in the beginning because I was wondering how much could I learn in 3 days. But now, it has really put no doubt in me that you can really get the most out of yourself, out of Hark Music from this course because what I’ve got out of, is more than what I’ve expected.

Like the master class from Amos himself, the music director…cause I didn’t know that Hark Music’s syllabus is unique to Hark and he conceived this. It’s really good to know how he came up with all these, his guitar skills, as he, himself is a self-directed musician, so it’s a rare insight.

Most of all, I’m very glad that I’ve improved a lot, more than I’ve imagined in such a short timeframe. And what’s better is I’m even more motivated, even more inspired to learn more things in the future on my own.” Travis Shumlim

Here are the valuable photo captures and memories of that very special day.

Everyone, having a briefing before the start of the concert.

Guys, all ready to rock the house!

A group photo, with full audiences behind!

Show starts! We also played a video which captured the moments in the 3 days and a ‘before-transformation’ video of all the 8 students.

The Master Trainers, Amos & Jensen.

Relaxed moments before their performances.

Amy, a total beginner in guitar, performed Heaven by Bryan Adams. Yes, she can play and sing on stage in just weeks!

Max, performed Yellow by Coldplay. A great improvement, from not being able to change the chords in time just 3 weeks ago!

Teng Teng, sang and played the guitar. Though a seasoned performer, this was something she has never done before.

Travis, a breakthrough for him – being able to deliver a challenging song – Girl from Ipanema.

Albert, performing 海阔天空. Great charisma from him!

Jelina, performing 让我想一想. A sweet rendition.

Now, the ‘getting the certificates’ ceremony… SMILES!

….And, not forgetting, the group photos, of course!!!!

CHEERS!!! Great job, students!

Keep the passion going…

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