Glimpse of 8Dec Concert & our Hark Performing Team!

LGF & BlackForest Concert
8th Dec 2007 ~ A little glimpse…

Oh, I’m now heavily busy doing all the photos, videos editing!!
Those who were here last Saturday, I bet they blew you away~~~~~

Hey hey, ZoukOut wasn’t the only one with the party!! Hark was having a great, GREAT music PARTY too!!! There were just simply too much screams, shouting, APPLAUSE~~~ with the rocking hard music… it was deafeninggggggg…
Ohh..but we all enjoyed it..didn’t we???

Here are some little glimpse..I will upload more again!

Black Forest Band giving away FREE STICKERS. Nice, right??

LGF Band giving away Free Pins!!!! So cool…

People, people, people….packing into our Performing Studio!

All seated…all ready for the performance to start!!


More PEOPLE!!! We had to turn many away too *sorry*.. Luckily, we have an LCD TV in our reception which ‘broadcasted’ the show LIVE! So, they will just hang around the the performance through the TV..


Black Forest….starting their performance



Ok, now on stage is Little Green Frog (LGF)!!


Oh yes, we video-captured all down!

Will upload videos soon to you!


Officially presenting………




After 2 rounds of auditions held on 16 Nov and 23 Nov, we have selected a total of 23 elite students to be part of this Hark Performing Team!


They are,
Carissa Boo, Vocalist (not in photo)
Aaron Yap, Vocalist (not in photo)
Gabriel Ting, Vocalist
Kek Wei Qi, Guitarist
Tham Shuet Mei, Vocalist
Tay Tat Sin, Vocalist
Jeslene Lee Rui Wen, Vocalist
Teo Alan, Pianist
Ong Su Kit, Vocalist
Eugene Sng, Vocalist
Fanny Ho, Vocalist
Janson Jee, Guitarist
Daisy Zhang, Vocalist
Leonard Cai, Guitarist/Vocalist
Juliet Soh Hwee Jia, Pianist/Vocalist
Ong Mar-vin, Guitarist
Jack Lim, Vocalist (not in photo)
Cai Li Ling, Vocalist/Pianist
Ting Sheryl, Pianist
Loh Siew Rong, Vocalist (not in photo)
Lim Jinghui, Pianist
Murphy Lee, Guitarist
Tan Su Teck, Vocalist




Now, they will be busy preparing for their concert, performances, and building up their repertoire!

15 of them will be preparing for their concert, on 11 Jan 2008 (FRI) – with the theme: <我的代表歌曲, MY THEME SONG>


They will be crooning you songs, in both acoustic and minus-one music versions! And, they will be hosting the entire show themselves, for a solid 2 hour performance!!! Jiayou, jiayou….u all can do it!!


The other 8 will be preparing songs, all in unplugged, presenting them as Guest Performers in our Showcase Concert on 28 Dec 2007. The last friday of the year!!!!


More details will be revealed soon!

Give your full moral support to these students!!!

Give them your encouragement!


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