Ohh…I hope I have added some fun into life and into this BLOG!

We’ve got a high scorer: Jei! At 10830 for the Quadrix Game…
So, next up gonna see who ‘eng’…. to beat that score. 😉
(You see, I’m not very ‘eng’….hahaa….so, when I played the game halfway, I committed sucide…cause there isn’ta button to ‘Quit Game’… :P…Sorry, I don’t mean you guys have nothing better to do…don’t misunderstood me lah…..)

Tonight’s Show…Is our AIPs Performances!

It will be an Unplugged Performance for them. They will be singing with an acoustic guitar, an intimate setting! And they will singing 2 songs for you guys!

Tonight’s Guest Performer is AMOS aka 安文
He will be bringing song medleys, with his signature improvisation of Hip Rock versions of ballad songs like 一千年以后,勇气,火柴天堂… with Rapping!!!
And he’s going to bring us a few new song tonight- 我可以 and 专属天使….

You guys who wanna catch this special performance where no one else can do….(imagine…rapping them?!?!? How?) C’mon down tonight at 8pm!
The show starts 8pm, ends about 10pm!

See ya~~

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