FREE 2-hr Workshop: Accelerated Guitar Mastery

****Latest Update on 5 August 2009****
Overwhelming response!

Our FREE 2-hr Workshop on ‘How to master the guitar in 24-hrs” was full in just 3 days! Thank you for your support!
We have decided to open another session on 18 August (TUE) at 7pm.
Interested to attend?
Email us at with your Full Name and Contact Number or call us at 6333 0733. It’s a very exciting month for us!
See you!******************************************

FREE 2-HR Workshop
Accelerated Guitar Mastery

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In the workshop, learn how to master the guitar in just 24-hrs!

After 10-yrs of extensive research, we have developed a revolutionary programme to achieve your goals in a much shorter time.

***The secrets you will learn in the 2-hr workshop***

1. How to play your favourite songs without scores?
2. How to practise for rapid improvement?
3. The myths of music learning: Conventional Way vs Modern Way
4. How to improve your quality of life with your musical talent?
and many, many more!!!

Come to this 2-hr FREE Workshop on 16 Aug (SUN) at 2pm to break your conventional thinking of guitar learning!

Book your Seats Now!!!

Call 63330733 or email with your Full Name and Contact Number!
Limited Seats, be quick!

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