Find Your Passion!

As children, do you recall the moment where your primary school teacher asked you that golden question…‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ 

Our answers were all different yet passionate and genuine to ourselves.
As we started to grow up, routinely taught the harsh reality of money-centered thinking to survive in our society. It started to be so overwhelming that we were all brainwashed into the urgency to get a real job and whatever passion you have, cannot feed you. 
Since then, we started to stereotype jobs into 2 categories, ‘The Practical’ and ‘The Impractical’.

The Practical
1) Pays well with great bonuses
2) Standard working hours
3) Don’t really like doing but I can manage as long as I get paid
The Impractical
1) Poorly paid, probably not even on time. Don’t even talk of yearly bonuses.
2) Erratic working hours
3) Love doing it but who’s going to support my family?
This scenario is like being forced into an arranged marriage, instead of marrying for love. Except that over time, you seldom “learn to love” your job. Instead, you suffer through it and tolerate whatever comes along.

Here, we want to inspire you into taking that first step to follow your passion! 
You ask why? Well, as a matter of fact, as musicians, we know it all too well because we were told that music is an impractical job. We did what was categorized as impractical and made it practical! So, hope this article ignites something in you.


How to find your passion?
Don’t you agree that with that feeling of enthusiasm and energy about that special ‘something’, you never feel tired doing it? In fact, it is your motivation to get up early everyday. 
That enthusiasm is so powerful that when we combine it with your work, you are setting yourself up well for achieving true success!

Caution – In extreme cases, you might even be told to stop and rest for awhile!  🙂

We know many has this question in mind “But I don’t know what I’m passionate about!”  Here’s a chart we have found from the net that asks you some questions. Do it. At the end of the little quiz, you might see some light!


(Click to enlarge image)

Once, you’ve found your passion, go work at it! Make that skill even better, do more learning and research. Think of ways how you can offer value-add services/products through your passion. Do it small first and keep going on. Never be afraid to make mistakes and constantly do corrections.
Inevitably, the path will appear slowly. Yes, you can!

What is success?
The true meaning of success is in the achieving of something desired. Once you focus and put your energy in the right places, money will flow naturally. You might not earn as much as people in financial sector, but you gain beyond monetary gains. It’s other area of satisfaction that money can’t buy

We have heard of stories where people work their butts off to earn tons of money. End of the day, they inadvertently spent tons of money to satisfy their empty heart. Then, they need to add in more time to earn even more to purse their level of lifestyle. It’s a vicious cycle that never seems to end!

But think about it… 

Things has to stop at a certain age. Then, it might be too late and health could be very much compensated.
Deep in our hearts, what we desire the most is to be proud of what we do with our lives. Money shouldn’t be the primary definition of success! The thing is, if we’re truly passionate about the work we do and put in all our energy to it, there’s a high chance that money will follow. 

If you keep having a back-up plan to your dream, passionate career, you will never have a ‘make it or break it’ attitude to push yourself to the highest limit possible!

Here’s the famous quote from Steve Jobs. Hope it inspires you more.


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