*Featuring our 9 Artistes-In-Progress*


Our 9 Artistes-In-Progress!

****Kenneth, Fiona, Elyse****

****Yingzhi, Leonard, Sarah****

****Junming, Joanne, Ryan****

We had such a fun time photoshooting last weekend…
Elyse was ‘forced’ to wear heels last week! She had to ‘unwilling’ catwalk many times along the aisle of the Performing Studio to get used to it! But, I say….. she looks soo much better, much feminine just by wearing heels! So girl, this is part of your grooming….and I say, you looked very pretty in the photo!


Kenneth was initally arranged to be in the centre of the photo but….but….but…..his ‘big, big’ face a bit cannot make it lah…(sorry, dude…I do not mean …er…..’that’ ;p), so we got this character pose for him…to look elsewhere and capture his side view! Oohh…don’t he looks much better like this?? And his eyes looks bigger too…huh??


Fiona was always the pretty girl….she looks sweet, don’t she (and a bit sexy)? It seems like she looks very comfortable and poised, right? Hahahaa….she was sitting with her legs…’very’ crossed, like some kind of yoga pose…her legs started to cramp… I think in her mind, she just wants the photographer to do all the shots as fast as possible… Hahaa…after the photograher calls it a day, Kenneth and Elyse gonna give her a hand to stand up!


Yingzhi, Leonard and Sarah had their session after the SAT shows….


Poor Leonard was sooo tired that day…he was also late for the show as he was part of our this year NDP line-up. The rehearsal that day was dragged till late…so he didn’t even manage to warm-up his voice before performing..but I say, he did well! Those who came, definitely know it as he scored the highest votes once again!


So, when we were taking the photoshoot after the show, he was really ‘shag’…..He cannot open his eyes!!! Haha…funny us suggested him to put on eyeliner! So, he gamely says ok…..so, Yingzhi helped to put it on. After that, when we were all getting ready, the 2 girls waited for him as he went to the bathroom to style-up his hair, and we took a few shots to catch the angles and light exposure….


Poses was set, angles was right, lighting was fine…..we waited…waited..and waited…. Aiyo…why Leonard still not here yet???


We went to the bathroom….hmm…maybe he slept while styling…….then, he was there washing away the eyeliner!!!!!!




After so much trouble of drawing it on, correcting it…..he washed it away… He says looks vely weird… Sigh….ok….fine….anyway……….


I used photoshop to draw it on him again!!!!! MuAH..Ha HAHAAAAA!!!


Ok, well the last group photo for Junming, Joanne, Ryan was taken on SUN after their lesson. Hmmm….I think nothing much happened….it was kinda of the most smooth of all..


We only took about 10 photos, and the perfect composition was captured. Well, you see, as long as a pretty girl is the centre of attraction, the rest doesn’t really matters…. Hahaa…sorry guys!!!


TOP 3 SCORERS last week


AND….The top 3 scorers for last week was as usual, LEONARD, and 2nd, SARAH (hurray!!!!) and ELYSE & FIONA (got a tie!).

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